James McAvoy Birthday Special: Did You Know He Almost Became a Priest? 5 interesting facts about the X-Men actor that you didn’t know!

Over the years, James McAvoy has become a fan-favorite actor in Hollywood. Featured in the x-men prequel movies and movies like Split, McAvoy has won huge acclaim, and rightly so. As a great actor, McAvoy does his best in his role and brings such an amount of talent to the screen that it’s hard not to be enamored with him. James McAvoy confirms his secret marriage to movie assistant Lisa Liberati.

But did you know acting wasn’t always McAvoy’s first choice? Yes, you heard right. McAvoy never really wanted to be an actor, more of a priest. As bizarre as that may sound, it’s true. So to celebrate McAvoy’s 43rd birthday, let’s take a look at five of the actor’s most interesting facts you didn’t know. James McAvoy’s Birthday: From Split to X-Men – Here are 5 of the Scottish actor’s best films.

James McAvoy almost became a priest

Growing up in a Roman Catholic family, McAvoy always wanted to become a priest because he believed it would give him the opportunity to travel the world. Although he gave up the idea because he realized he was using religion as a means for his own personal gain.

Acting was never his first choice

McAvoy had a bunch of other professions on his mind that he wanted to pursue, but ultimately ended up settling for acting. It was inspired by David Hayman whose speech McAvoy was present. It was there that McAvoy realized that maybe he should be an actor and asked Hayman for work, which he ended up getting by starring in his 1995 film. The room Never.

Charles Xavier isn’t the only role he has in common with Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart and McAvoy are both known for playing Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies, though that’s not the only role the actors have in common. McAvoy is also known for portraying Joe Macbeth on the show. Shakespeare Re-Told. Stewart would later play the role in the story of macbeth as well.

He almost passed out making bunny sounds

While voicing Hazel in the animated series watered down, McAvoy admitted making bunny noises almost made him pass out. This should be expected as McAvoy brings his A game to everything, and it certainly sounds like a situation that could happen.

McAvoy shaved his head for X-Men: First Class

For McAvoy’s first stint as Charles Xavier, he showed up on set completely bald. However, he wasn’t supposed to go bald as Xavier in the movie had hair on his head. McAvoy then spent the entire filming of the film wearing a wig.

Well, those are some of the most interesting facts about the McAvoy that we could find. With that, we wrap up the list and wish James McAvoy a very happy birthday.

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