Jonathan Ross was asked on a date by a mysterious Hollywood actor

Jonathan Ross reveals he was asked out on a date by an anonymous Hollywood actor

Jonathan Ross has revealed he was once proposed by an anonymous Hollywood actor after they bonded over love of foreign films

One day, Jonathan Ross was asked on a date by a Hollywood actor.

‘The Masked Singer’ judge revealed he and the unnamed star hit it off because they shared a love of Spanish cinema while appearing on Alan Carr’s ‘Life’s A Beach’ podcast

The 61-year-old talk show host told the 45-year-old: “I think he was someone who was always swinging in every direction, but Hollywood being what he was, he wasn’t. not there.”

“He asked me out on a date because we were talking about Pedro Almodovar – a brilliant director and an openly gay man. And I think that was my love and knowledge of foreign films, especially his genre, his canon work, which made him think I was up for a little action. Maybe I should have gone. It would have been a wonderful story, and it could have been a great evening.

After hearing the individual’s name on air, Alan said, “I would never have put him on the gay list!”

During the chat on the podcast, Alan revealed that he, Jonathan and retired England footballer Paul Gascoigne were all linked.

Alan – whose father is former Northampton Town manager and Newcastle United head scout Graham Carr – said: “People may not know this but your lovely late mother came to see me at your party Halloween and was like, ‘We’re related, aren’t we’. Do you remember?

“I was so excited because we’re from the same area, we’re far apart. I remember going up to you saying, ‘Jonathan, Jonathan, your mom says we’re related,’ and you said, ‘For f*** sake.'”

Laughing, Jonathan – who is married to screenwriter Jane Goldman, the mother of his three children, Betty, 30, Harvey, 27, and Honey Kinney, 25 – joked: “I tried to stop him from talking to people because she’d always find a famous connection.”

Alan said: “It’s a pretty strong bond.”

Jonathan then laughed, “Is that really? I don’t know if I want to get involved with you.”

To which, Alan joked, “What? Fuck you!”

Jonathan then mocked Alan for having a deserter in his family, saying: “I saw your episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and you have a deserter in your family, I don’t know if I want to be sullied by that.

“We are related – I forget that.”

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