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twenty five twenty one actor Nam Joo Hyuk answered the question whether Baek Yi Jin would die in the series finale.

tvN’s K-Drama twenty five twenty one took romance to another level by providing a unique plot for viewers. The series tells the story of Na Hee Do, a member of the Seonjung Girls’ High School fencing team that eventually disbanded. After transferring to Taeyang High School, she becomes a member of the national fencing team and eventually meets Baek Yi Jin.

As the story unfolds through its first 14 episodes, many viewers have begun to wonder if Nam Joo Hyuk’s character Baek Yi Jin will die at the end.

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Will Baek Yi Jin die in Tfive twenty one?

On the official MANAGEMENT SOOP YouTube channel, Nam Joo Hyuk appeared to pass a journalist exam for Baek Yi Jin. He also answered questions about the K-drama and commented on speculation about his character’s death.

“Dear ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ viewers, I can say now that I’ve gotten so many calls, wondering why I’m dying. I don’t know why people are trying so hard to kill me. I think it’s there were evil forces (evil forces plotting to kill Baek Yi Jin). Stop him,” he said. “I think the remaining episodes will be fun to watch and I can show you a lot of different sides. Please stay excited and keep watching until I finish it.”

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In the drama, Baek Yi Jin comes from a chaebol family that eventually announced the bankruptcy of their business during the IMF crisis. He moves to rebuild his life, but he continues to deal with debt collectors all the time.

Amid these discussions, Nam Joo Hyuk spoke candidly about twenty five twenty one, helping him make people look forward to his next projects in the next 10 years. He added that he wanted to be remembered as an actor who worked hard in his career.

Na Hee Do married someone else, according to theory

While Nam Joo Hyuk declined to comment on his character’s future, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Na Hee Do’s daughter, Kim Min Chae, is not Baek Yi Jin’s daughter.

When the character reads her mother’s diary, she finds a photo of the main characters and asks her grandmother who Baek Yi Jin is. With this, fans began to speculate that Kim Min Chae’s father was not Baek Yi Jin. Meanwhile, others have suggested that Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin only filed for divorce and married someone else.

Viewers can only confirm which theory is true once twenty one twenty five airs its final episode this week.

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