Karyn Parsons AKA Hilary Banks of ‘Fresh Prince’ Has 2 Children With Talented Director Alexander Rockwell – Meet Him

Karyn Parsons, who starred in “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, is now a mother of two and loving wife of famous director Alexander Rockwell. Here’s all about his real family.

Karyn Parsons brought her character of Hilary Banks to life in one of the iconic black dramas of the century. Playing Banks in “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” she demonstrated naivety, ambition and loyalty, making her one of the production’s most beloved personalities.

It’s been years since the series ended, and like most actors who have evolved, Parsons has achieved incredible feat and relevance in the entertainment industry.

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Season 4 Cast Photo | Photo: Getty Images

She is an accomplished actress, a brilliant activist who is thirsty to reveal all she knows about her race, a novelist and runs a non-profit organization.

Among those titles, the actress is a happy and fulfilled family woman with pure dedication to her family, including her talented director husband, Alexander Rockwell, and their two biracial children.


Many associate her with “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and rightly so, she stood out among the rest of the cast. However, she lives a reality with many intriguing details, one of which is that she has been married twice.

Now Parsons has a sweet relationship with Rockwell, everything is going pretty well, but their happiness came 13 years after her divorce from her first husband, Randy Brooks.

Like his ex-wife, Brooks flourished in the theater industry as an actor and writer. Some of his generic film include “Assassination”, “Colors” and “Reservoir Dogs”.

While their marriage did not work out, the actress continued to pursue her career, waiting for her knight in shining armor to come and sweep her off the ground. It was only after 13 years of divorce that she became Madame for the second time.

Parsons may be good at acting, but she’s decided to put it on the back burner to pursue other dreams, which involve speaking passionately about her heritage and history.

The author admitted that playing the role had become a bit tedious, especially since she had to memorize scripts, describing it as a difficult dance, but arguing that anything was possible, and she did not totally give up her acting career.


Rockwell is a notable and renowned director who was born into a talented family. His grandfather was an animator of Russian origin, while his grandmother was an artist.

In the 1980s, Rockwell established himself in the world of cinema by producing short films. Over the years he has gained credibility with his works including “Soup”, “13 Moons”, “Little Feet” and a more recent one, “Sweet Thing”.

The director also introduced his children to the profession of actor. Her daughter, Lana, and her son, Nico, starred in her 2013 movie “Little Feet”.

They then landed roles in their father’s “Sweet Thing,” which felt more like a family project as it also starred his wife. The film center about two siblings plagued by bad, poor parents, who were real experiences from Rockwell’s childhood.


Parsons, who often promotes her African-American image, was born to a black mother and a white father, and she married a white male.

It took a while before the couple decided to have children, and when they did, they made a commitment to raising their biracial children with a strong character rather than focusing on their separate mixed races.

In an interview, the mother of two Explain that the construction of a personality is not a question of race or appearance, but of understanding its past, its history and also of appreciating the history of others.

This has been his tool mechanism for raising his biracial children. Parsons added that her daughter does not look black and is frustrated because she is never heard or taken seriously in some issues related to people of this race.

The actress sprang from her mini-me, who is also an actress, defining her as a woman with little power and a desire to research and make contributions on some sensitive issues concerning the African American race, despite the way it’s handled when it’s time. speak of it.

The entire pack often supports each other, and while ParsonS is active in her parenting game, her husband is relentless in his quest to be a loving and grateful family man.

When Rockwell started a project last year and then attended the Berlin Film Festival, his children and wife graced the event with their presence. The director shared a sweet post that captured their time on the red carpet and joked:

“Wonderful times at our world premiere in Berlin. Thank you all for being with us at the festival and supporting our film along the way.”

This year he shared a snap from his event featuring his family again and added, “The red carpet is smiling just before we meet our amazing audience in Berlin. #Throwback.”


Speaking about her creativity, for example, in her debut book “How High The Moon”, dedicated to telling stories about African American identity and race, and non-profit “Sweet Blackberry,” she explained that its aim is not to attract any label or name tags.

When asked if she sees herself as a social justice advocate or a feminist, Parsons noted, “It’s so funny, I don’t label myself. I don’t reject being called some of these things. It’s just that I’m human … I’ve had people who call me. presented as an activist … I never started to think that way. But I certainly don’t reject it. “

Parsons may have put her passion for acting aside and focused more on parenting, educating younger generations, telling black history, but she’s also on great terms with her former cast members. family drama.

Last year, the cast of the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” got together in a special way, despite the coronavirus. This moment was recounted by Parsons, who describe it is also beautiful and moving.

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