Kate Garraway reveals husband Derek in hospital with ‘life-threatening’ sepsis

Kate Garraway

Kate Garraway has revealed the reason for her husband’s recent return to hospital was “life-threatening” sepsis.

The TV presenter, 55, was back on Good Morning Britain after a three-week absence and explained why she had ‘dramatically disappeared’ to co-host Richard Madeley.

Derek Draper, a 54-year-old former political adviser, fell seriously ill with the coronavirus in March 2020 and, although he is now free from the virus, he suffered lasting damage to his organs and requires daily care.

Garraway told Madeley: “I’ve been dramatically missing and haven’t been here for three weeks now… We were on the air and Derek was out of hospital, he’s been in and out of hospital for a while looking for ways to deal with the damage. caused by Covid in 2020.

“But we didn’t really have any medical eruptions, and then he was really sick.

“He had been discharged from the hospital the day before and (I) received a phone call from the person looking after him saying, ‘Okay, we’re really worried’, so I went home, and it kind of went ‘boom’ from there.

Draper was taken to hospital where Garraway said they discovered he had “very severe sepsis, life-threatening sepsis”.

Sepsis occurs when the body overreacts to an infection and begins to damage its own tissues and organs.

It can be fatal and is notoriously difficult to spot.

Garraway said, “So it was really dramatic; brilliant work by A&E, absolutely amazing because when you have sepsis the big challenge is (to) quickly find the source of the infection and get the right antibiotics and his blood pressure was so low…”.

She explained that through a ‘process of eliminations and questions’, and after a young doctor asked her what she thought was the cause, she suggested it might be a urinary tract infection. .

After ruling out her husband had Covid-19 again, she said: ‘I was wondering if it was a urinary tract infection but weirdly we couldn’t get anything for a sample and they just turned into ‘kidneys’ ?

“And it was one of those questions that was so different from all the technical questions, it’s just like ‘what do you have in mind? and I said that and it made them look at themselves (and) say kidneys and unfortunately his kidneys were really badly infected, blocked.

“The challenge now is to save them, so that’s where we’ve been for three weeks.

“He is still in hospital, not in intensive care, awaiting further surgery, he looks really good.

“So I’m keeping my fingers crossed on everything and especially one kidney that looks really good, just look at the other one, and so yes, it’s still in (a) high dependency (unit).”

Garraway added that it was “not really clear yet why he only developed this, probably because of Covid, but it’s coming. The important thing is that we’re back on the safe side now.

In an Instagram post on Sunday ahead of her return to television, the Smooth Radio presenter also thanked NHS staff who treated Draper in intensive care, as well as fans for sending messages of support.

Last year Garraway won an award at the National Television Awards for the documentary Finding Derek, about his family’s experience during the pandemic.

In February this year, the follow-up program titled Kate Garraway: Caring for Derek aired on ITV and documented Draper’s return from hospital while following Garraway as she navigates the “myriad challenges of the system of social protection and its complexities.

The couple married in 2005 and have two children, Darcey and Billy.

Draper’s battle with the virus has garnered a lot of attention and support, including from Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Royal Family.

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