Krista Allen discusses the fight against cancer

Love glory and beauty star Krista Allen has just taken on the role of Dr Taylor Hayes. She replaces Hunter Tylo, who created the role. And while critics and fans alike love the actor’s performance, she recently fought a private battle with cancer. Now, for the first time, she’s talking about her struggle – and how she almost ended her acting career.

Krista Allen, star of “The Bold and the Beautiful” | Toby Canham / Getty Images

“The Bold and the Beautiful” star says she has battled cancer

Fans of soap operas have followed Krista Allen and her career for decades. She is currently receiving rave reviews from fans and critics for her role as Dr Taylor Hayes in Love glory and beauty. But before that she was known as Billie Reed on Days of our lives. As for his role in B&B, Allen took over the Days role of another popular actor (in this case, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna).

But what few fans know is that Allen struggled with skin cancer early in his career. And, as she explained to, she got it in her time on another popular TV show.

Krista Allen said she got skin cancer from her time on “Baywatch”

From 2000 to 2001, Krista Allen starred as Jenna Avid in Baywatch. At that time it was called Alert in Malibu Hawaii due to its rebranding. But even though she only starred in the hit series for 26 episodes, Love glory and beauty The star said she developed skin cancer from her stint on the show.

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“I will say,” she told the outlet, “they weren’t really into the sunscreen over there on Alert in Malibu: Hawaii, which is crazy. At least to reapply to your face. And years later, I ended up getting skin cancer on my face.

The actor went on to say that she spotted a “strange growth” on her nose. When she went to the doctor, that’s when she found out it was skin cancer. Unfortunately for Allen, however, she had to undergo what’s called Mohs surgery. This operation removed “16 layers” of skin from her face. Eventually, after the surgery, she was declared cancer free.

But she thought her acting career was over.

She also developed her talents as an actress

So Krista Allen decided to try something else: comedy.

“I really enjoyed the comedy writing,” she told the outlet. “It took me to a completely different place for me. It was something you could watch [and say], ‘Oh, that was awful.’ No, it wasn’t. It was fantastic because I found a skill that I didn’t even know I had.

Love glory and beauty The star also said that luckily she hadn’t had cancer since. Additionally, she said her reconstructive surgeon did a great job covering up the mark of Mohs surgery. She said you can only see the scar “if you look very closely”.

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