Kyle Richards rules out more plastic surgery

Kyle Richards will no longer have plastic surgery.

Kyle Richards smiling for the camera: Kyle Richards will no longer have plastic surgery

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Kyle Richards will no longer have plastic surgery

The 52-year-old star – who went under the knife after breaking her nose – has revealed she will have no more procedures for the sake of her acting career.

Kyle told InTouch magazine, “I’m not looking for another surgery. People keep asking me if I did something, but I didn’t.

“I haven’t even had Botox lately, because I want to be able to move my forehead in movies to show my expression, like in ‘Halloween Kills’.”

Kyle starred in “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” with her sisters Kathy and Kim and revealed audiences were desperate to see the trio all together onscreen again.

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She explained, “The fans really want to see the three sisters together. Kim was one of those people who never left home because of COVID. Now with the vaccine, there is hope.”

The “Halloween” actress admits that she’s had an eventful relationship with her sisters over the years, but starring together on the reality TV series has helped them bond closer.

Kyle said, “Obviously we’ve had issues over the years, but we’ve fixed them, and the show has absolutely brought us closer together.

“I hope we see all the sisters together next season. You never know!”

The star admitted her older sister Kathy was “a lot of fun” after proving herself to fans of the show.

Kyle explained, “I was only 10 when she got married. We had never been on a girl trip – she had never been on a girl trip!

“I think back to those scenes where she was chasing me with the stale breadstick and laughing. She’s a lot of fun.”

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