Lanarkshire actor Scott Kyle writes a book about how humble beginnings led to becoming the Outlander star

Outlander actor Scott Kyle is writing a book about the ups and downs of his life to star in one of the nation’s biggest TV shows.

The 38-year-old grew up in Rutherglen in a single-parent family and hopes his rise to fame will inspire those from a similar background.

After winning awards for his theatrical work and playing a key role in Outlander – one of the greatest Scottish shows of all time – Scott is now telling his life story.

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It was quite a journey for him after only going to college to study theater at the age of 21, Scott now has over 600,000 followers on Twitter from around the world.

And the decision to take up the pen was inspired by his grandmother, Scott explained to our sister, the Scottish Daily Express.

“It’s called ‘This is not where you start’,” he said.

Scott Kyle from abroad

“I remember reading a book my grandmother wrote. It was about his childhood and I really liked it so it’s for the next generation.

“I spoke to Ian Rankin to see if he would be interested and he responded by saying that he had turned down Sean Connery, so I don’t think I was very lucky.

“It was difficult. My dad wasn’t in my life when I was younger, but he came back into my life after Billy and Tim.

“I received an email from someone who was my sister. It turns out I have three sisters and a brother.

“I now have a relationship with my dad and the other side of my family.

“I interviewed my dad, my brother and my mom, even my neighbor to get some childhood stuff that I didn’t remember.

“There was a bit of therapy in it, it’s about accepting my beginnings in life.”

Scott’s big breakthrough came on stage where he received critical acclaim and won the Edinburgh Fringe Best Actor gong for the groundbreaking anti-sectarian play I’m No A Billy, He’s A Tim in 2010.

He then appeared on screen in films like Angel’s Share and Kajaki (Kilo Two Bravo in the US), which was nominated for a Bafta.

He also ran his own theater and took on the role of teacher for workshops.

But it is for his role as Jacobite Ross in the fantasy film Outlander that he is best known.

As well as earning him a fan base around the world and seeing him attend conventions in the United States, it also paved the way for his annual Highlander Fling, which returned in September after a hiatus from a year due to COVID.

The event draws Outlander fans to Glasgow and Scott hopes to develop it in the years to come. Planning has already started for the 2023 event.

Although he no longer appears on the series, he continues to be a fan favorite. But even if he would jump at the chance to return, he trusts the writers to tell the story well.

Scott added, “I actually auditioned for Outlander three times.

“The first time I didn’t get it and the second time I did. They asked me to come back and audition for season six in a different role. Even though my character is still alive, they let me audition.

“I don’t know how the story will unfold. I haven’t read that far in the books.

“I always say I trust the process. Outlander is one of the biggest and best TV shows, which also means the cast is the best, the team is the best. I’m very proud to have played a part in it and if I don’t have to go back, that’s okay.

Scott is now preparing to begin filming a new movement, 1000 Flames, which takes place in the music industry, and a play, One Mississippi, about men’s mental health.

Both projects have been postponed due to the pandemic. Like other performers, Scott found his whole life turned upside down with the lockdown in March 2020.

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