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PARIS PREMIERE: “I live in Paris – for the summer – it’s crazy,” British actor Lucien Laviscount said as he joined fellow David Yurman ambassadors Laura Harrier, Kelsey Asbille and Henry Golding in a toast at the opening of the New York jeweler’s Parisian flagship store on Wednesday.

Nothing seemed to dampen his enthusiasm for the city, not even a recent collision with a standing scooter. He said with a smile that the “battle scar” he still bore on his forehead “added a bit of character.”

As filming for episode 3 of the third season of Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” just wrapped, Laviscount was “not counting the days yet” until mid-September when production wraps.

Plenty of time, therefore, to enjoy the “sunset over the Seine”, his favorite part of town, and the best places: “Paperboy, an amazing little sandwich restaurant, and you have to go to Café Charlot [which] feels like home,” he revealed.

Now in her third stint in Paris, co-star Ashley Park has also named the Marais, where she previously lived while filming, and the Tuileries Gardens as her favorite spots. “Lily [Collins] and I can walk around there for hours,” she said.

She zeroed in on the multitude of rings, chunky chain bracelets and pendants that Laviscount was sporting, showing them off to the hosts of the evening, David and Sybil Yurman, in the courtyard between the store’s two separate spaces.

This peculiarity attracted general manager Evan Yurman, who had immediately imagined a more intimate salon far from the hustle and bustle of rue Saint-Honoré.

“When they showed us, they said, ‘You can have a nice store here and store all your boxes here.’ I said ‘You haven’t met the Yurmans. The boxes can go down,’ he joked with guests including Taylor Hill, Alessandra Ambrosio and Coco Rocha.

For Harrier, her stay in Paris was coming to an end, after a week-long stopover that saw her attend the Alaïa show on Sunday and a dinner hosted by the Yurman family at the Louvre on Tuesday to commemorate the patronage of the mark to the museum, which will lead to the restoration of four important sculptures in the Tuileries Garden.

She described the evening “overlooking the pyramid and all of the Louvre” as “a cool celebration of Paris and French culture” perfect to also mark the “fusion of this iconic New York brand” with her new home.

The American actress, fresh from filming the remake of the 1990s sports comedy ‘White Men Can’t Jump’, was looking forward to the next stop of her summer in Europe – Italy. On the program, enjoy the sun and the sea with friends, be on a boat and enjoy your favorite dish.

“I’m a pasta girl through and through. I’m very excited to eat spaghetti alle vongole,” she said.

It’s going to be a busy fall for the ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ star, with the launch of a show on Hulu called ‘Mike,’ a miniseries about the life of heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson, followed by a late September debut. from “Entergalactic,” a Netflix animated series based on the upcoming album by American musician and actor Kid Cudi.

An Italian summer is also planned for Henry Golding, who currently lives in Rome with his family – his wife Liv Lo Golding and 15-month-old Lyla – as he films ‘The Old Guard 2’ with Charlize Theron and Uma Thurman.

“It’s never bad to have a summer in Europe…unless it’s 100 degrees every day – which is the case in Rome,” he sighed.

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