Laurence Fishburne cools down with classic jazz and paisley blankets

2. James Allen “As a Man Thinks” I was given this book when I was about 30, and it really changed my life. It is a book about meditation and the power of thought and the reality of life and truth. I started meditating and my life improved. My life has improved.

3. A good pair of shoes These feet, they carry us. We have to be good with them. It’s not a brand issue. The foot is as unique as the fingerprint. It’s just what fits you, what’s comfortable, what supports your foot well. Right now, I’m wearing a nice pair of lace-up boots. They are doing very well. And I have shoes made by my friend Ozwald Boateng which are my dress shoes.

4. My favorite music I mostly listen to music that was made in the last century. I’m not allergic to the music being made today. I just need a reminder. I need someone young to introduce me to the music that’s happening now. Some of my favorite music is “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis, “John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman”, “Identity” by Airto Moreira, “Band of Gypsys”, Cassandra Wilson, the Beatles, the Stones. Howlin’ Wolf, Duke Ellington, Mahalia Jackson.

5. A good neck pillow and a warm blanket I’m a good topper. Actors, we have to use our energy like cats – we lie down and sleep a lot, then we have to get up and perform. So having a little place to lay down with a pillow that cradles the neck, supports the head, keeps the spine aligned is fine. Cashmere makes an excellent blanket. In fact, I have one in my dressing room at the theater. It’s fantastic.

6. Moroccan mint tea There’s a restaurant in Los Angeles where I’ve eaten since I was a kid, Mount of Tunis. At the end of the meal, they serve mint tea and almond cakes. Mint tastes and smells so wonderful, such a wonderful flavor. It just illuminates. Makes me happy.

7. A mini-trampoline It’s low impact, it gets the blood flowing. A bit like jumping rope, without jumping rope. You can defy gravity, seconds at a time. I have a mini tramp at home. I do a routine, but there’s nothing rigid about it.

8. Crystals I discovered crystals around 1988. Back home in Los Angeles, I have a bunch of crystals there. I only have a few here in New York. But I have a bag of medicine that I sleep with. There’s a Herkimer diamond in it. There’s a piece of moldavite in it, a piece of smoky quartz, a piece of tourmaline. I sleep well every night. And my dreams can be very vivid. Crystals are medicine, man.

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