Laurie’s Halloween Kills costume change demanded by Jamie Lee Curtis

Halloween Kills star Jamie Lee Curtis reveals the funny request she had for Laurie Strode’s costume in the Halloween sequel in 2018.

Jamie Lee Curtis revealed his fun contribution to the Laurie Strode character story in Halloween kills. The movie legend rose to fame in 1978 when she played a young Laurie in John Carpenter’s seminal slasher Halloween, her acting debut. Curtis reprized the role in the sequel Halloween ii in 1981. In addition to an uncredited role as the voice of a telephone operator in an unrelated sequel Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982), she eventually returned to the role (and franchise) in 1998, again playing Strode in Halloween H20: 20 years later, the seventh part of the Halloween franchise.

In a distinguished acting career spanning over 40 years, including a BAFTA Award and 2 Golden Globe Awards, Curtis played the Halloween character a total of six times on screen, with the planned sequel Halloween ends, set for release in 2022, set to make seven. Her portrayal has often been cited as one of horror’s greatest heroines, as well as one of the earliest examples of the final girl archetype. . 2018 Halloween The reboot functioned as a direct sequel to the 1978 film and restored all other sequels, with critics and fans alike rejoicing in Curtis’ return and the respect the film accorded the original.

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Halloween kills almost works like this iteration Halloween ii, but Curtis had his own request this time around. Talk to Sydney Confidential, the 62-year-old says she didn’t want Laurie to wear another hospital gown, as she had for most of the time. Halloween II. She claims it would make the character look like “wimp,“which was not what she was looking for:

I tried to find a way to get myself out of a hospital gown because the way it was written Laurie was in a gown the whole movie. I said to David Green, ‘I went there, I did this, I’m not going to run into a hospital with my bare ass hanging out.’ And I said, Laurie Strode can’t be a wimp this whole movie. It was my biggest contribution to the film – getting back into my clothes.

Michael Myers Halloween Kills

The film follows directly at the end of Halloween, with Strode in the hospital undergoing emergency operation to recover from her last meeting with Michael Myers, as she and her family, with help from the community of Haddonfield, confront him once again. Halloween kills had a strong box office performance, as well as impressive streaming numbers on the Peacock platform. With the film’s success, another sequel is slated for next year, although not much is known about what the script might be. There is speculation that the next Halloween The film may be the last for Curtis, although in today’s film industry it’s impossible to know for sure.

Curtis continues to act in film and television, and has moved on to production, taking on executive producer roles in both Halloween and Halloween kills. While fellow producer Jason Blum has said he hopes to make more films, the future of the franchise beyond the 2022s Halloween ends is a guess. The headline suggests the plan is for this to be the last installment of the current Halloween reboot, but it’s certainly possible to explore the franchise again in the years to come. With strong box office figures Halloween kills has posted so far, it looks like the appetite for the franchise remains stronger than ever.

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Source: Sydney Confidential

  • Halloween Ends (2022)Release Date: October 14, 2022

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