Lex from Jurassic Park teases comeback for JW: Dominion

Ariana Richards, who played Lex Murphy in the ’90s Spielberg classic, hints at a potential return to the franchise’s next title, Dominion.

jurassic park actress Ariana Richards has hinted at a potential return to the franchise’s next title, Jurassic World: Dominion. Richards, who played Lex Murphy in the Spielberg classic, as well as briefly in its sequel, The lost World, retired from acting to focus on a successful artistic career. Although she left her acting career behind, Richards’ role in jurassic park was well received, earning it several nominations and victories.

Jurassic World: Dominion is the sixth title in the franchise and the third with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in the lead. While little is known about Domination, he will follow the dramatic events of Fallen kingdom, where dinosaurs were accidentally unleashed on the American continent. As a T-Rex made its way briefly towards the American shores during the closing scenes of The lost World, it seems likely that Domination will further explore the idea of ​​dinosaurs and humans living in close proximity to each other. Solidify potential events of Domination is 2019 short, Battle at Big Rock, a follow-up of Fallen Kingdom, who sees escaped dinosaurs terrorizing a family of campers.

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During a look back at his career for the Celebrity Catch Up podcast, Richards was asked if she would be returning to the franchise. While she did not admit any potential scenes of her as an adult Lex Murphy, she also did not deny the potential for a comeback, saying “Now that’s something I couldn’t comment on. “Adding further to the speculation, she admitted she would consider returning to comedy”If the right project presents itself. “

If Richards returned to the franchise, she would join Sam Neill and Laura Dern, who also confirmed their appearances in Domination. Unlike Jeff Goldblum’s cameo at the end of Fallen Kingdom, veteran actors (including Goldblum) are confirmed to be given major roles in the last of the Jurassic world trilogy. While Goldblum’s minimum screen time in Fallen kingdom was disappointing, the return of so many of the original cast members in more complete roles for Domination is exciting news, only reinforced by the potential appearance of Richards.

Jurassic World: Dominion will end the Global Trilogy in June 2022, but the future of the franchise remains to be determined. Producer Frank Marshall insists the final film will be the “start of a new era, so it is unlikely Domination will be the finale of the franchise’s long history. Whatever the next releases, jurassic park remained the only successful dinosaur franchise in movie history, and Domination so far, it looks like an exciting way to round out the franchise.

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Source: Celebrity Catch Up

  • Jurassic World: Dominion (2022)Release Date: June 10, 2022

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