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What inspired your song “Under”?

“Under” is about a woman who cannot enjoy her success because of the love she has lost. She is under the influence to temporarily suppress this pain, that is the subject of the song. There is so much going on and sometimes people want to celebrate it with someone, but right now she is not able to do it. What is success without someone to share it with?

Is this a real story?

Well I’m glad I can share it with someone. [laughs] So it’s not really my story anymore.

How is your darling

The bae is good, he is there to share it with me. He’s probably here watching. Should I scream now? Hi Monty.

How long have you been in a relationship?

Oh man, it depends when I start to count. 2, almost 3 years? I am not sure. [laughs] He’s a scientist.

Oh, he’s smart!

Yes he is. I love to say it. “What is he doing? Oh, he’s a scientist. I like that.

How do you manage the long distance relationship?

We are really busy. We can concentrate on the work when we are not together. When I fly to LA or he flies here to the Philippines, that’s when we enjoy our quality time together. It helps us both to have different worlds.

What was it like to record “Under” in Los Angeles and bridge that gap?

I always dreamed of being a singer, the fact that I was given the opportunity to record this song is just amazing. Outside the booth, Ømen produced the song. It was a dream come true because I am a huge fan of him. I tried to stop myself from acting too crazy in front of him, I did my best to be really cool. I was so amazed all the time because I listened to his music, the songs he produced. I find it so amazing that I was inside the booth recording this song, and that he was right outside the booth teaching me what to do.

It’s so humiliating of you.

It’s amazing, a dream come true. I took a break from my job here in Manila which is fun. I went to LA, took a bit of acting lessons. God is moving in mysterious ways and I was sort of led to the right people. I met an old friend who worked here in Manila as well, which led me to work with VIM Entertainment and eventually producer Bob Robinson, and then I flew to New York to record the song. Ømen was there too. It’s surreal, it’s such a dream. I am truly blessed.

What was the mood and the energy? How was the studio session?

I’ll be honest, it’s pretty ridiculous. There was that moment when I felt I didn’t deserve it, sitting inside the cabin. The strangest thing was I was sitting there like ‘what am I doing here? There are a lot of people who deserve it more than me. Then the pandemic arrived. I realized “what are you thinking? Why are you wasting your time? You’ve been led down this path for some reason, but you sit in this cabin thinking about other things instead of just enjoying the moment. It took me the pandemic to realize that you have to take advantage of every moment. It is a great achievement. I came back to LA a few months ago, recorded a few more songs for the upcoming EP.

What can we expect from your new single, “Lost”?

It’s very different from “Under”. It’s a different song about grief. A lot of people can relate to this song, especially people who fall in love. It’s a very relatable breakup song because you always ask “where did we go wrong?” He gets that message or that question. When you break up there’s always that turning point in the relationship where “I wonder where it all started? Where did we lose this love? So this is something to look forward to.

Do you usually make love music?

A lot of songs now, you can talk about a lot of things. The music is now very different. It can be about a lot of things, but it revolves around love. Whether it’s finding new love or heartbreak, it can be anything. Love for your family, love for your boyfriend or husband.

Does Lovi represent love?

No, but it could. [laughs] It means Lourdes Virginia, my full name. My mom got it from the first two letters of my first name and last name.

What advice would you give to future actors and actresses?

There are dreamers and there are doers. The moment you start dreaming about something, you need to take the first step and pursue your dream. You can’t spend your day manifesting and dreaming about things that you want to do, you have to take the first step. The first step is always the hardest thing to do. Also, make sure you want it for the right reasons. The best thing you can do is go out there, do your best at whatever you do. Make sure you do your job right more than anything.

What is the reason you are doing it?

Other than the fact that I love her, it’s in me. My soul ignites when I start to play or sing. It’s something that really excites me. It was more than a dream. It wasn’t something I wanted to do to be seen on TV, it was something I love to do.

3 things you need in the studio?

My phone for my Spotify playlist. My headphones because that’s what I use when I need to motivate myself for a scene. Water because we’re big at making dramas here. This is how I get my tears, when I drink a lot of water. It’s true, it sounds ridiculous. And pizzas.

I was going to ask you what is your favorite food. Is that pizza?

It was, but I love Filipino food. I love Sinigang. Sinigang is a sour soup that we have here, it’s crazy delicious. I love pork and fat. With chili and rice, it’s the best.

I saw your Instagram bio says cookie geek. What’s your favorite flavor?

Chunky chocolate yes, but I love white chocolate cookies. Oh my God, I want to now. Anything that contains cinnamon is also good.

Do you cook too?

I wish. [laughs] I sometimes do. I am doing my best. I cook sometimes, but not something I’m really, really good at. When I cook, it’s pretty good. My mom likes it.

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