Malia From ‘Below Deck Med’ Goes Swimming With Sharks – ‘I’m A Huge Shark Advocate’ (Exclusive)

Malia White Under the Mediterranean Bridge feels at home surrounded by sharks. She does not see them as the menacing monster of Jawsbut as beautiful designers, she studied with admiration and fascination for years.

White recently went diving with great hammerhead sharks in Bimini and discussed the experience with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I love sharks,” she said. “I love diving with them. I love swimming with them. I’m a huge shark advocate.

The Bimini adventure isn’t his first shark dive, but one that’s been on his to-do list for a while. Great hammerhead sharks can reach 20 feet in length and weigh up to 991 pounds.

“It’s one of the dives I’ve always wanted to do in Bimini because they’re so famous for it,” she said. “I have already dived with bulldog sharks. I did this in Fiji and dived with school hammerheads. But I had never dived with great hammerheads before so it was amazing.

Malia White | Photo courtesy of Malia White

Malia’s love for sharks started early in life

His fascination with sharks began on a family trip to Hawaii. “I started scuba diving when I was 10 or 11,” she said. “I remember on one of our first trips to Hawaii we saw a tiger shark and it was so exciting and scary at the same time. And then from there, just dive in and be around them and seeing them, they are beautiful creatures.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, when I’m surfing, I don’t want to see them [laughs]. But when I dive, I’m fine,” she added.

White, who filmed her recent dive, was seen in the open ocean observing the animals. “Sharks exhibit certain behaviors that you can tell if they’re angry, feeding, or hunting,” she explained. “So you pay attention to those [behaviors]. And obviously there are smarter times to be in the water and not smarter times to be in the water with them. But I like diving with them and I feel quite safe.

hammerhead shark diving

Hammerhead shark diving | Photo courtesy of Malia White

Boatswain ‘Below Deck Med’ watched the Great Hammerheads for about an hour

She dived with the Great Hammerheads for about an hour. “Because it’s so shallow, you can just sit back and watch these sharks go by,” she recalls. “If I hadn’t been cold, we probably would have stayed longer. But it was amazing.

Although she understands that some people have a general fear of sharks, she compares a dive to a safari and respecting the creatures from afar. “I think they’re misunderstood,” she said of sharks. “Everyone is terrified of sharks, but they’re actually just beautiful. They are so cool to watch in action and this is an apex predator.

hammerhead shark diving

Hammerhead shark diving | Photo courtesy of Malia White

“Just like if you go on safari, everyone wants to see the lions,” she remarked. “When you go diving you want to see the sharks. They captivate you and demand your presence. And suddenly you feel very small and they are definitely the boss here.

She took her boyfriend Jake diving for his birthday

Her boyfriend Jake Baker was her partner on the hammerhead shark’s big dive. “I was with Jake. It was for her birthday and I just kind of [told him]”Let’s jump in the water with a bunch of sharks!” Under the Med Bridge the star laughed.

Luckily, Baker also likes to dive with sharks and this wasn’t his first dive with sharks. White took him on a previous shark dive to see bull sharks. “Oh wow, I keep taking her diving with sharks [laughs]. I’ve taken him diving with a bull shark before, but nothing like that,” she said.

White also commented on his Instagram video about how the dive team is seen holding big poles. “A lot of people have asked about the sticks. It’s not really for the sharks, but because there’s a very strong current, it’s to help you [stay in place]”, she said. “And luckily the day I was there, the current wasn’t very strong. So it’s not actually about expelling the sharks. It’s a little PVC pipe .

White also loved Bimini. “And like Bimini, the whole island, it’s my new favorite place,” she said. “It’s so cold. The only reason people go there is to love diving with sharks or to go fishing, and it was so cool.

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