Malia White’s ‘Total Ship Show’ Explores Life Beyond ‘Below Deck’ (Exclusive)

When Malia White from Under the Mediterranean Bridge decided to start a podcast, she wanted to host a show that would take listeners beyond what they see on the hit show Bravo.

“The podcast is called Total Ship Showshe told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “And I wanted to talk about the industry, but not the environment Under the bridge. So not me like Malia’s Under the bridge, but me as a sailor. Or me as a boatswain and a woman in the industry.

‘Total Ship Show’ focuses on the yachting industry

White said the podcast takes listeners deeper into the industry and into aspects that aren’t explored on Under the bridge. “I think there are a lot of people watching Under the bridge because they love the show for what it is, all the drama and whatever,” she said. “And then there’s a huge number of people who like to watch it because they like to learn more about the industry.”

Malia White| Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

“Because it’s such a cool and fascinating industry. I didn’t even know it five years ago, and now I’m obsessed. So I just wanted to share some other parts of the industry that you don’t really see on this show,” she added.

Like many boaters, White entered the industry on a whim. Her first job in yachting was when she applied to be on Under the Mediterranean Bridge. “I worked on dive boats, but it’s not at all comparable,” she recalls on the raw hollywood Podcast. “So I remember the day before like the week before, I was like googling like ‘what’s the bow? and ‘the stern?’

Malia’s Podcast Will Feature Yachting Stars (and “Below Deck”)

White plans to feature professionals who work in yachting but also Under the bridge actors who can talk about yachting in real life.

“For the most part, my podcast won’t focus on the show at all,” she said. “It will be outside of reality TV. Because a lot of people have the impression that I work six weeks in front of the camera and then that’s it. It’s not true. I am a full time boater now. I work full time on a yacht so this is just to tell more about that side of the story and how it works.

She gave the example of a guest. “We interviewed Eddie [Lucas] and don’t refer to him as Eddie on the show, but him as a tug mate. And there are crazy stories. I’m like Eddie, you have a crazy job.

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“And in future episodes, we’ll have Captain Kate McCue, one of America’s first female captains of mega cruise ships,” she continued. “And question different captains and [people who work in] different jobs in the industry. And, like the engineers, everyone sees them on the show, but they have no idea what they’re doing.

Also, “We have Kate Chastain and I’ve learned so much about Kate that I never knew and I was like, ‘Man you’re so fascinating someone outside Under the bridge.’”

Malia teamed up with her Earthling college pal for “Total Ship Show”

White’s co-host is someone who doesn’t work in the industry. “My friend from college, Amanda is my co-host,” she explained. She teamed up with girlfriend Amanda Logan because she had no yachting experience.

Malia White and Amanda Logan podcast hosts

Malia White and Amanda Logan | Photo Malia Blanche

“I could have gone for another Under the bridge boater. But I wanted someone who, like many fans, has no idea what yachting is, what is port or starboard. Amanda is a financial advisor. She barely swims [laughs]. So, it’s great because she asks the questions that a lot of fans would have. And being like, ‘Wait, tell me more about this. It’s interesting.’ So we just break down the industry and our different perspectives and talk about it.

Total Ship Show launching Tuesday, March 1.

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