Mallika Sherawat on the casting couch: “A lot of male actors have started to take liberties with me” | Bollywood

Actress Mallika Sherawat said that due to her “daring” image on screen, many male actors tried to “take liberties” with her, but she stuck it out and refused to compromise.

In an interview, Mallika explained that she experienced casting in the film industry and how she handled such situations. She said she was “lucky” that her rise to stardom came relatively easily.

When asked if she had faced the cast, she replied to Pinkvilla: “I didn’t face her directly … My rise to stardom, I was very lucky, it was very easy. . I came to Mumbai, I had Khwahish and Murder. I didn’t have to struggle much. But after the movies, because Murder was such a daring movie, and that kind of daring image was established, a lot of male actors started to take a lot of liberties with me, and they said if you could be so daring on screen then you can be daring with us in person too. “

She continued, “They didn’t differentiate between the character onscreen and offscreen, so that’s where I faced a lot of tough situations, because I’m a very strong woman, and I would say to the male actor, “I’m sorry I’m not going to compromise.” I didn’t come to Bollywood to compromise, I came here for a career. That’s why they never worked with me.

In another recent interview, Mallika said that women deliberately put themselves in such situations and that she makes sure not to attend parties where she could be exploited.

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When asked if she has actively tried to ‘stay away’ from people who emit bad vibes, she replied to Bollywood Bubble: ‘I always have, because all of this happens when you you put in that position, I think. I haven’t been to Bollywood parties, I haven’t met any producer or director at night in a hotel room, or at night in the office. I stood aside and thought, ‘Jo meri kismat mein hai woh mere paas ayega (I’ll get what’s meant for me). I don’t need to do all of these things.

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