Mathieu Terrain van Bazart is married to Marie

Actor Kevin Janssens, 41, was already present at Mathieu and Marie’s civil wedding. In his Instagram stories, he shared a number of photos of the newlyweds. The first picture shows how the famous Bazart singer performed ‘go aheadGesture with his right hand. “It’s your wedding day, not a rock party,” Janssens writes in the photo. The second photo shows the happy couple leaving City Hall.

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© Instagram: Kevin Janssens

Marie herself has already shared some photos on her Instagram Stories. Thus, her followers got a small glimpse of the “preparations”. One of the photos shows how Marie did her bridal makeup and hair by makeup artist Ines Bourgogne. In another shot, a rug is shown with an old photo of her and Matthew printed on it. “It’s time to tie the knot,” he continues.

Mathieu and Marie got to know each other at a young age. For example, they first met each other on a ski trip, when they were nine years old. He told Mathieu de Morgen a while ago. “We became best friends and always have been.” Only when the relationship with his ex-girlfriend Justin ended did the two find each other on a romantic level. “Then I was really deep. Mary couldn’t stand seeing that and took me on a trip to Greece to clear my mind. This is where the spark jumped. ”

Falling in love suddenly was a surprise to both Mathieu and Marie. “These were confusing times. Fifteen years later, that girl, to whom I had told everything and who had always acted ridiculously, suddenly became your sweetheart too. ”

© Instagram: Marie Winants

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