Matt Fraser and Alexa reveal jaw-dropping baby premonition – weeks before she got pregnant [Exclusive]

It’s gonna be a boy for E!s reality star and psychic Matt Fraser and wife Alexa Meet the Frasers. The couple recently hosted a gender reveal party for close friends and family, which is when the couple creatively shared that a son was on the way.

Matt told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that he was working hard to ignore any signs of his baby’s gender because he wanted to get the news with his wife. However, Alexa may have already known she was having a baby boy and shared a shocking dream she had months before she got pregnant.

Matt Fraser’s wife Alexa had a psychic dream about her baby – before she got pregnant

Like many couples, Matt and Alexa started feeling anxious when Alexa didn’t get pregnant right away. “We started to get nervous when all of a sudden Alexa got these negatives [pregancy] test results. And we were like, what are we doing wrong? Matt called back.

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Alexa’s mother told them to “trust the process”, which is when Alexa had a life-changing dream. “We started trying for a baby after we got married. So in October,” Alexa said. “I mean late November, it must have been around that time. I had a dream and it was so detailed and so clear. And I don’t normally dream like that. I mean, we all have crazy dreams like they’re everywhere.

She missed that baby of her dream

“I looked down and in the dream I had the [baby] bump and I was like, ‘Oh my god, Matt, I’m pregnant,’” she recalled. “Then I flashed and all of a sudden I’m in labor. And we have the baby. In the dream, I’m holding the baby in my arms and I can clearly see the baby from my perspective in the dream.

It was then that she knew she was going to have a baby boy. “He’s a little boy,” she shared. “And he’s swaddled and he was wearing like one of these little blue hats. And we want to name our son Royce. So in the dream, I literally said, “Oh my god, it’s Royce, it’s Royce.” It’s him.”

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“And it was so clear,” remembers Alexa. “Long story short, the dream was absolutely beautiful. I feel so lucky to have had this dream.

“The next day when I woke up, I said straight away to Matt and I kept saying, like, ‘You’re going to think I’m so weird for this, but this little baby from my dream miss,'” Alexa recalled. “I miss him. He was so cute. I wanted to be with him. It was like I left the dream without him, and now I really miss him.

What is the meaning of baby Fraser’s name?

Weeks later, Alexa and Matt learned the news they had been waiting for. “So in December we found out I was pregnant, and as soon as I found out I knew it was a boy,” Alexa said. “I knew it in my heart, in my gut and in my soul that it was a boy.”

The couple also shared how they came to Royce’s name. Matt and Alexa wanted the baby to have a unique name and actually unknowingly chose it when they were dating. “We were in Las Vegas for one of my shows,” Matt recalled.

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“And we were walking down the Strip and they had this store that said, Royce. It was just spelled out,” Matt recalled. They couldn’t remember what type of store it was, but they loved the name and the overall vibe. “It’s funny because we both looked at it like it was a big sign, and we were like, you know, that’s a cool name,” he added.

Alexa looked up the meaning behind Royce and said “So apparently it’s like a German name, and it’s the name of the celebrity and it’s the king’s son,” Alexa said as Matt laughed.

Alexa is expected at the end of August, so Matt will continue his national tour. He is especially looking forward to his show in New York. “This month, April 30, I will be in New York. And this is my first time going to New York to do a show there,” Matt said. “I’m going to be live in Times Square, which is a huge, huge honor.”

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