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Thupeyo Muleya, Beitbridge Office
At the turn of the new millennium, the minds of many in society have embraced the reality that what men can do, women can do better.

Such a state of mind has seen more and more women roll up their sleeves and venture into various fields traditionally dominated by men.

In the world of arts and music, being a Master of Ceremonies (MC) has been the prerogative of men from time immemorial. But lately women are doing well in this field, which has seen the rise of gemstones across the world.

Inspired by this was Beitbridge-based MC Patience Moyo (37), commonly known as MC Pashy by his legion of fans. A journalist and teacher by training, Pashy has come to be loved by the border town community as a dynamic woman who has taken the entertainment industry by storm.

She has become the most wanted CM in most functions, whether it’s happy times or sad times.

The polyglot Pashy who cut her teeth in the showbiz sector in 2013 after leaving journalism in 2007 and joining teaching in 2011, has gradually gained ground in other cities of the country.

“I started doing it in 2013 as a junior teacher, mainly on weekends or on leave. I sometimes led school work at various school events, ”said Pashy.

“I have always enjoyed being an MC or an announcer at school events at various levels, including critical events like provincial competitions. Gradually, I moved to host community events which included graduation ceremonies, birthdays and farewell parties, bridal showers, weddings and corporate functions, among others.

She added that being the patron of debate and public speaking at school was an added bonus in building her confidence and standing in front of a multitude of people. The feeling of being a teacher, she said, was inspiring enough to be professional and principled as a public servant and in the world of showbiz.

Audience comments motivated Pashy to keep perfecting her act until she became passionate about being an MC.

The town’s fathers, she said, supported her as they hired her for most of their duties, including the annual mayor’s half-marathon, the two-country marathon of Zimbabwe and Africa. South and awareness campaigns.
Pashy has also become a common figure during most of the state functions around the Beitbridge District.

“It’s quite humbling for me to see how my hometown recognized my talent and supported me. I have organized a number of special events and it makes me very grateful to the community for embracing women’s empowerment, ”she added.

Pashy, always smiling, couldn’t hide her enthusiasm for the warm welcome she received outside of the Beitbridge area.

However, she said the Covid-19 pandemic had slowed her down given that social gatherings are currently restricted. As a result, some of his concerts scheduled for Harare and Bulawayo have been provisionally suspended.

“If it hadn’t been for the pandemic, I had to perform at a wedding in Bulawayo and a bridal shower in Harare. All of this showed me that sex should never be a limiting factor in success, only the sky should be the limit, ”said the MC.

Although she has a tight schedule as a mother, teacher and MC, Pashy said she learned to take time for all of her responsibilities with the help of her supportive husband. She said she knew when to draw the line and always consulted with her husband before taking a job. This, she says, reinforces the couple’s respect for each other.

“I do my job as a teacher exceptionally well and I am so proud of the results I have consistently produced over the years. This despite having a tight schedule as the Most Wanted MC, ”Pashy said.

Pashy said his long-term plan was to start his own event management company and use his journalism background to grow into a bigger business.

“To other women who wish to travel the same road, I say be confident and never allow any challenge to become bigger than you. Society is not scary as you would imagine, it actually treats us like we want to be treated, ”she said.

“The more scared we are, the darker the situation will always seem, but the moment we decide to face it, everything lights up. Women should therefore rise, no one marginalizes them, but themselves.

“Nothing is reserved for a specific genre, we can all do anything and everything as long as we believe in ourselves.” – @tupeyo

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