Michael Cera’s bizarre Jersey Shore cameo explained

Actor Michael Cera is a full member of the Jersey Shore Celebrity Fan Club, and here is his brief appearance on the reality show explained.

This is the weird of Michael Cera Jersey Shore cameo explained, and how it happened. MTV reality show Jersey Shore aired for six seasons between 2009 and 2012 and became a pop culture phenomenon during its airing, popularizing everything from the “fist pump” dance movement to slogans like “GTL” (“Gym, Tan, Laundry”). The series has attracted many famous fans, including Ashton Kutcher, Beyoncé, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence – the latter having watched Jersey Shore to help her perfect her New Jersey accent for american unrest.

Michael Cera is also a card holder of the Jersey Shore celebrity fan club. Best known for playing socially awkward characters like George Michael Bluth in Development stopped and taking on roles in independent lo-fi films, Cera’s character doesn’t seem so compatible with the brash of a series like Jersey Shore. But, as the actor’s meeting with the Jersey Shore the cast proves it, he’s more than comfortable hanging out with partying reality TV stars.


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In 2010, Cera met the gang in Manhattan where he was treated to a Jersey Shore makeover that saw Pauly D styling the actor’s hair in his signature popping look before JWoww slathered his face in fake tan and the cast gave him his own garish Ed Hardy t-shirt. Cera also enjoyed a few intoxicating drinks with the cast and was treated to a dance masterclass led by Pauly D, Vinny and The Situation before concluding her time with the reality show with quintessence. Jersey Shore soak in a hot tub. Look at Michael Cera’s Jersey Shore cameo below.

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As comfortable as actor Michael Cera was with the Jersey Shore gang, he had no plans to join the cast or give up his acting career for reality TV stardom when he appeared. Her cameo was actually part of an MTV special created to promote Cera’s upcoming film. Youth in revolt. It was a coming-of-age romantic comedy starring Portia Doubleday, adapted from CD writer Payne’s eponymous book series.

As strange as Michael Cera’s Jersey Shore cameo was, it looked like he had had a great time mingling with the cast. In a post-cameo interview with Vulture, the actor confessed that he liked the series and said he met the cast “…was fun it was really nice to have pauly’s fingers in my hair. “Although he may have complimented Jersey Shore Pauly D star blowout look, Cera didn’t keep this hairstyle very long after her cameo.

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