Mickey Rourke once respected very few actors because he believed many were “sucked in”

Actor Mickey Rourke doesn’t mince words about his beliefs and his issues with the film industry. So, when it comes to his fellow actors working in Hollywood, Rourke didn’t water down what he thought of their talent.

Mickey Rourke thought most actors weren’t that good

Mickey Rourke | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Rourke has been very outspoken about his feelings for certain actors in the film industry. At Iron Man star, Hollywood seemed to reward an actor’s box office potential more than his talent.

“I have respect for very few actors and actresses. Some of them are highly regarded, but simply because their movie made $200 million at the box office; they still fear. I had no respect for them and I let them know,” he once said in an interview with Parade.

But Rourke decided to exercise some restraint on his opinions for the sake of his career.

“It was important for me to put that aside and say, ‘You know what? It’s a business. If you kiss the right ass and get lucky on a movie or two, you might last 10 So now I shut up and pet my Chihuahuas.

Mickey Rourke on the few actors he respected

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Rourke’s views on actors and the film industry were beliefs he had clung to from the early days of his career. In a resurfaced interview with the Los Angeles Time, The wrestler star offered a similar opinion of his contemporaries. Even back then, Rourke felt that mediocrity was all too often rewarded in Hollywood.

“When I was younger, I viewed acting as something to be admired,” he said. “It’s not like that anymore. Look around you. You can be mediocre, as most actors are, and you can still be a movie star, even if your movies are boring and predictable. You just have to know how to sell yourself, let yourself be made.

At the same time, Rourke respected some of the film industry’s veteran actors like Oscar winner Al Pacino.

“There are guys I respect. Brando has always done it his way and he’s been great. Al Pacino kept his roots and never sold out,” he added. “And then there are these other guys. . . .They consider it exaggerated if they let their mustaches grow!

Mickey Rourke once felt he was working with a bad actor who tricked everyone into thinking she was good

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Rourke has worked alongside numerous female co-stars over the years. But there was one co-star he didn’t particularly enjoy working with because of his acting ability. The angel eyes The star thought this co-star wasn’t as good as she was supposed to be, and it showed through her work.

“If they know their job, fine, if they don’t, f*** ’em. I worked recently with an actress who, despite her reputation as a ‘good actress’, doesn’t care. air when that little red light comes on. She’s tricked everyone into thinking she’s way better than she is,” he said. moviehole. “Working with someone like that sucks, you know?

But Rourke didn’t name the actor he was referring to.

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