‘Moon Knight’ Cast Díana Bermudez After Role in ‘Horizon Forbidden West’

At Marvel Moon Knight Episode 3, Marc Spector/Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Khonshu called on the Egyptian Ennead to judge Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke). He introduced viewers to other Moon Knight actors as avatars of the Egyptian gods. However, in moon knight, Díana Bermudez caught their attention after seeing her play Yatzil, Hathor’s avatar. And Moon Knight turns out to be Bermudez’s first significant credit after the massively successful PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 game, Forbidden Horizon West.

Diana Bermudez | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Who does Diana Bermudez play in ‘Moon Knight’?

Guest stars join the Moon Knight the cast included Khalid Abdalla as Selim as Avatar of Osiris, Declan Hannigan as Avatar of Horus, Hayley Konadu as Avatar of Tefnut, and Nagisa Morimoto as Avatar of Isis.

While most dismissed Moon Knight Díana Bermudez as Yatzil, the Avatar of Hathor apparently believed him.

In Marvel Comics, Hathor has appeared as both male and female and often acts as a Black Panther villain. They fought Thor, Iron Man, Mantis, and even Jacques Duquesne (who Hawk Eye fans might know). However, Hathor does not have an avatar in the comics, making Yatzil an original character in the series.

In the Disney+ Moon Knight TV series, however, Hathor seems more of an ally to Moon Knight. She directs Marc Spector and Layla (May Calamawy) to Anton Mogart (Gaspard Ulliel) to help them find Ammit.

However, before helping superheroes, she helped gamers on the cheapest of Forbidden Horizon West.

Who does the voice of the actor in “Horizon Forbidden West”?

While fans might not recognize his voice at first outside of moon knight, Diana Bermudez has provided voice work for several Forbidden Horizon West characters, according to IMDb.

The Arena Maw is connected to the Memorial Grove near the center of the Forbidden Horizon West menu. It is home to one of the best markets in the game, in part due to the Master Dukkah award, voiced by Bermudez. Players can exchange Arena Medals for high-level Dukkah items.

In the Forbidden Horizon West Rebel Camp Fenrise, Díana Bermudez also provides the voice of Gattak. After infiltrating the camp and killing the leader and the rebels, players can speak with Gattak to complete the mission.

The female Moon Knight star also voices an NPC in LandFall named Veter, who gives players another data point.

Is Díana Bermudez Returning In ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 4 Or In The Wider MCU?

After the great entry of the Ennead into Moon Knight Episode 3, Fans Wanted Diana Bermudez and the other members.

However, while even Oscar Isaac doesn’t know much about Moon Knight’s role in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ennead’s avatars might remain confined to the Disney+ show.

Marvel has shown a willingness to bring characters back, though. Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings brought back the fake Mandarin, Trevor, even though fans didn’t expect him to return.

For now, fans can watch Díana Bermudez in new episodes of Moon Knight Wednesdays on Disney+ or play Forbidden Horizon West on PS4 and PS5.

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