muohit joushi: Muohit Joushi quit her job as a flight attendant for showbiz; it was a risk but it paid off, says the actor

Before entering the television industry, many actors dabbled in different professions. Recently, we were chatting with actor Muohit Joushi and learned that he worked in the airline industry before trying his luck in showbiz.

Muohit, who has starred in shows like Yeh Teri Galiyan, Naagin2, Chandra Nandani, made his television debut in 2016 with Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania. Currently, he is seen in Shubh Shagun.

Speaking about his time working as a flight attendant, Mohit says, “I worked with the airline for six years. However, since childhood I tended to play games. airline, I couldn’t do anything else and I had to put my passion in a box.”

But one day things changed and he decided to take the plunge. He says: “I remember the day when I decided to quit my job and enter the world of theatre. I was aware that the journey to enter the industry would not be easy. But my passion for theater was so strong that I could take that call.”

When he looks back, he’s glad he followed his dream. Revealing how he feels now as an actor, he says, “Resigning from my job was a big risk, but I had to take the chance. Of course, initially it had a financial impact on me, so survival was tough. really hard and my hard work paid off. I have no regrets and luckily my decision worked in my favor. I’m very happy that I made my parents proud.

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