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Mumbai: Checking airport security can be stressful, especially for performers with their unconventional looks and musical instruments. But actor Tanmay Dhanania had a rather pleasant experience at Mumbai airport recently when a CISF member asked him for advice on how to master the flute in his purse.
“In the last 10 to 15 years of traveling overseas, I have been sidelined about 12 times for random checks. It cannot be a coincidence. I’m a dark-haired guy and an actor as well, sometimes I wear a beard, a mustache for a shoot, ”said Dhanania, speaking to YOU. That’s why he expected a long series of questions when a CISF member picked up his flute case and asked “Yeah, aapka hai?” Kuch baat karni hai (Does this flute belong to you? I want to talk to you) ”. To his surprise, the questions were about playing the transverse flute. “He said he was learning to play. He asked me if I had a YouTube channel where he could take music lessons. It was a pleasant surprise, ”said Dhanania.
At the insistence of CISF staff, Dhanania briefly played the instrument and the few passengers around stopped to admire the scene. The minute it was over, the staff applauded, much to Dhanania’s embarrassment. Although the staff seemed eager to connect with Dhanania, he put on his uniform first and did not exchange numbers. The two flautists separated. Dhanania later posted a thread on Twitter. At least for a moment, the guy from CISF and I were able to put aside the invisible wall and connect like two music students, he tweeted. It has gone viral. TNN


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