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The past resurfaces on a couple’s doorstep my policemandirector’s last Michel Grandage.

Patrick doesn’t just visit Marion and Tom. The history between them runs deep, so much so that they have rarely reunited over the years. So when Patrick comes to see the couple, their memories of 40 years ago are brought back, memories of love, romance and regret that they all have to deal with.

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Difficult to have missed the topicality of this one, because as soon as Harry Styles is poured into everything that becomes the talk of the town. The fact that it had him playing a closeted queer man, the Tom in the middle of Marion and Patrick, only brought the heat to a boiling point, with some praising and others questioning the casting. His acting career is still quite recent, making him an unknown quality at the center of this very intimate film.

Co-starring with him is David Dawson and Emma Corrin like the young versions of the central trio and Linus Roache, Rupert Everettand Gina McKee like the older versions. Heightwho works primarily in theatre, will hopefully draw the attention of that medium to the character in this film.

With fashions in a starring role, it’s sure to get a lot of attention, which he hopefully enjoys.

my policeman is led by Michel Grandage and the stars Harry Styles, David Dawsonand Emma Corrin. It hits theaters in the US on October 21 and worldwide on Amazon Prime on November 4.

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