“Nakaab” actor Chandra Shekhar Dutta goes after Esha Gupta’s husband! | Web Series News

Bombay: Actor Chandra Shekhar Dutta is known for his work in the biopic of Malala Gul Makai, Laakhon Mein Ek season 2 and Ram Leela.

He is currently seen in MX Player’s Nakaab playing Aditi Ambre’s husband (Esha Gupta) streaming from September 15. Directed by Soumik Sen, Nakaab also stars Gautam Rode, Esha Gupta and Mallika Sherawat and others.

Shedding light on his role, Chandrashekhar said: “Vinod Amre is a 9-6 year old employee who works for a telecom company in the technical department. He is very innocent and wants a simple family with an ethical person. that work shouldn’t get in the way of personal life and wants a simple and pleasant family environment, but since his mother is a chauvinist, he has had to sandwich himself between a woman exploring his free identity and a mother who thinks he should have control over his wife to be a man. Instead of just being free, the woman tries to explore her side of power and command with wilder motivations, where Vinod feels a bit bitter and wants to be with his mother. . “

Sharing his experience working with Esha Gupta, he says, “Esha Gupta was very supportive of me. She worked on the anti-chemistry part of the role, so her vibes were different and fun for me. I mainly shared the screen with Esha and Paromita trying my mom and our onscreen and offscreen chemistry are fluid. “

Adding about the show, he said, “Nakaab is an eight episode web series which is a crime thriller with police procedures. Aditi Amre played by Esha Gupta delves into the deep sea of ​​Mumbai crime linked to the suicide of drugs and celebrities. Clashes between her work morality and personal life struck as she traveled further. I play Vinod Amre, the husband of Esha Gupta who is crushed between the functioning of the family and the Woman’s Duty. The web series has a lot more to offer with Gautam Rhode as the lead investigating officer and Mallika Sherawat as the main negative. Each character’s true side is unleashed during the show. “

Shekhar wants to make a conscious choice by playing varied roles rather than being bracketed in similar roles, “I played versatile characters like in Laakhon Mein Ek season 2, I played Gandharva. In Gulmakai, I ‘ve played 65 years old Muslim in the negative, even here in Nakaab, it’s a different trajectory with humor, a crisis of character and a sublime game. “

“I played the hero’s friend for a while and I think I could be categorized although the parenthesis is big and the occupation of work looks different for the characters, but ultimately it is. friend of the hero. I pray not to be put in parentheses. I want to play the protagonist of a content-oriented cinema which will give meaning to my training and my sacrifice. Yet I have carried out 4 projects which are from independent cinema to the search for a broad theatrical opening. “, he concluded.

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