New e-book aims to wipe out most student loan debt while tackling hunger

Clifton, New Jersey, October 31, 2020 / PRNewswire / – The student debt manifesto: how to pay off student loans faster and gain financial freedom, is a new motivational and personal success e-book from promising LATINA publishing company, Green Manifesto Books LLC, that may help address the current student debt crisis.

Surviving the student debt crisis by escaping bad money habits and quickly learning financial strategies for student debt and financial freedom is what the new eBook that has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, “The Student Debt Manifesto: How to Pay Off Student Loans Faster and Gain Financial Freedom” published by LATINA-owned company, Green Manifesto Books LLC aims to convey to the millions who are drowning in student debt.

Eric Shoars, Amazon reviewers, said: This book is short, concise, concise, and packed with practical information to help people with student debt pay it off faster.

“The student debt manifesto” The eBook teaches the major cash flows that people with student debt can apply immediately in their lives. It provides tools, tips and tricks to pay off student loans faster, manage student debt along with other debt with real-life examples tailored to the financial situation of readers, how to plan for retirement, and how to invest and save money. ‘silver. This e-book is for DIY enthusiasts who don’t wait for bailouts; for those who get things done. Green Manifesto Books is dedicated to donating 15% of profits to the Feeding America organization, as its goal is to help people secure financial freedom while giving back at the same time.

The Student Debt Manifesto eBook can be purchased from the Green Manifesto Books website at It’s also available from Apple, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. You can follow Green Manifesto Books via Instagram @greenmanifestobooks and Twitter @BooksManifesto.

Whitney hughes, author of “The Student Debt Manifesto: How To Pay Off Student Loans Faster And Gain Financial Freedom”, is a business analyst and self-taught programmer. She lives in Clifton, New Jersey.

Media contact: Green Manifesto Books LLC, ATTN: Whitney hughes

E-mail: [email protected]

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The Student Debt Manifesto: How to Pay Off Student Loans and Gain Financial Freedom.

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