Nichkhun on 2PM’s new album MUST and finding his passion in acting

Many may know him as the Thai prince of South Korea – Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul has taken the entertainment industry by storm since his debut in 2008 with South Korean hip-hop group 2PM.

When the group took an official hiatus in 2017 to complete compulsory military service, Nichkhun, born in the United States of Chinese parents, stepped out to pursue his own personal interests outside of the group. With great success too, in 2019 he wrote and released an album in South Korea, China and Thailand titled Me. Playing the acting game, Nickhun was also cast for the upcoming Hollywood movie. Love story in Hong Kong alongside fellow actors Byron Mann and Kenneth Tsang, and will appear in a Thai horror film titled RIFT.

As 2PM prepares to make a comeback this year with its last album MUST, we catch up with Nichkhun to see how he gets along with his bandmates, the release of the new album, and the exciting new acting world he finds himself in.

Nichkhun, congratulations on 2PM’s latest MUST album. How does it feel to unite with your band mates after a 5 year hiatus?

Thank you. It was like a dream come true for me to be able to make a comeback after so many years of hiatus. Although I worked on my own projects during this time, I missed being with every 2PM. We had a lot of fun during production and promotion. It was like yesterday when we last released our album.

What was the most exciting about making the new album?

Just the fact that the 6s were back together was the most exciting part and the rest followed. The same 6 children together for a funny comeback.

What’s next for 2pm?

Well we have another mini album coming out in Japan and we are definitely looking for any opportunity to play live on stage. We just have to wait for this fog to lift.


Congratulations also on your Hollywood debut! Has it always been a dream for you?

I still imagine myself living in Cali one day and know that I am a person who cannot stop working. Having worked there is a big reason for me to live there, so yes, being in Hollywood has always been a dream for me. But it’s a dream I don’t take lightly, so if I’m going to keep trying to make it in Hollywood, I have to make sure I’m still up to the task.

What can you tell us about Love story in Hong Kong?

I don’t want to spoil too much but I play a rich playboy who loves to party with my brother from another mom played by Byron Mann. I have the impression that we have a good chemistry. We always have fun and try things outside of the script all the time. He might be a character that audiences have never seen me play before, so I hope they like it.

You also have a horror movie in Thailand called RIFT.

I like to challenge myself and I feel like I always choose romantic comedy movies because I feel comfortable playing those roles. But with RIFT it’s dark, it’s depressing, it’s exciting, and it makes your heart beat faster. So I thought it would be another big step in my acting career if I could take on this role. I also worked very hard to prepare the film. I hope the public will like it.

2 p.m. Nichkhun

You are often portrayed as the rich man in acting projects. Do you feel typical?

I have to admit I have an image the audience thinks of when they see me or hear my name. And I want to break with that especially if I want to continue my acting career. That’s why I chose a movie like RIFT to show my more serious side.

You’ve really taken on a range of projects from acting to dubbing and vocals. Do you have a preference for playing or singing now?

I like to play and sing. Singing got me where I am today and it’s something I will always do. But playing the part is like a new career path that hasn’t been explored yet, so while continuing to be in 2PM, I’m going to be working hard as an actor as well. As for the people I want to work with, they will probably be my members at 2 p.m. Most of them are known for their acting skills and it will be so much fun if we all get to be on the same project.

You are also working on a project in China. Can you tell us more?

I recently joined a Chinese TV show called 《追 光 吧! 哥哥 2》. It is a performance competition program and there are elimination rounds. I can’t spoil you too much but I can tell you that everyone at the show is a tough competitor so I will have to prepare well for each round. Hope viewers enjoy seeing me on the show. I also take Chinese lessons to be able to communicate with the people on the show.


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