Not all of the cast were happy with Foo Fighters’ performance

The Apple TV + drama The morning show arrives musical guests as big as a real morning show. Kelly Clarkson was played out in Season 1. The fourth episode of Season 2 featured a performance by the Foo Fighters in the TMS studio. This meant a free concert for the cast. Well, most of them. Not everyone got to see the Foo Fighters.

Billy Crudup and Greta Lee | Apple

The morning show Actors Greta Lee, Desean Terry, Karen Pittman, and Nestor Carbonell spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet on September 10 about the new season. Find out who got a good seat for the show and who got left out. New episodes of The morning show preview on Fridays on Apple TV +.

“The Morning Show” presenters secured front row seats for the Foo Fighters

Terry and Carbonell are playing anchors on TMS. So, they were standing with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon to watch the Foo Fighters.

“It was a fun day on set,” said Terry. “We are still in quarantine. So when we got to film things like a concert or like the New Years celebration where we had a group of people, everyone tested the COVID protocols. And we had those times when we were able to celebrate New Years, there was a real adrenaline going through us because these kinds of experiences, we hadn’t been there for so long. So I think you saw some real excitement because we had a bit of the feel of concert in our 40s and our bubble while we were shooting the show. “

It wasn’t Carbonell’s first Foo Fighters show. However, as The morning showweather, it probably got closer than ever.

Nestor Carbonell and Ruairi O'Connor behind the scenes

From left to right: Ruairi O’Connor and Nestor Carbonell | Apple

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“They were great, they were phenomenal,” Carbonell said. “That was another highlight of the comeback, is that you bring in these amazing guests. I watched them play, it’s crazy to think they actually opened for someone, but they opened for The Police when The Police came back. And I got to see them at Dodgers Stadium and it was phenomenal. They certainly did not disappoint on set. It was great to see them play.

Other “Morning Show” stars got to watch the Foo Fighters backstage

Greta Lee plays Stella Bak, President of Information at UBA. Stella stands backstage with Cory (Billy Crudup) watching the Foo Fighters.

“We were actually in the audience and we got to watch them play,” Lee said. “It was so amazing, so much fun.”

The morning show comes close to the conclusion of the Foo Fighters song. Lee said they played the entire song and did it for multiple takes.

Greta Lee and Billy Crudup look at each other

Greta Lee and Billy Crudup | Apple

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“They played this whole song and with the TV we do multiple takes, so we got to hear it multiple times,” Lee said. “It was also fun spending time with them that day. And after we were done, we went to their trailers and hung out with them. It was great. It was really fun.”

Karen Pittman couldn’t see the Foo Fighters

In the Morning show episode, you see Mia Jordan (Pittman) watching the Foo Fighters from the control room. This means that she was not on the floor when they filmed the scene. Pittman shot his scenes on another day.

Morning Show star Karen Pittman leans on a counter in the control room

Karen Pittman | Apple

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“Let me tell you something, Fred,” Pittman said. “I wasn’t there for the Kelly Clarkson song and I wasn’t there for the Foo Fighters. The trick for this season was that it was really important to keep everyone safe and healthy. So we really didn’t have everyone in the control room and in the studio like we probably would have. So i give The morning show producers a pass for it because we were in a pandemic. No, I was not in the control room. I had to watch the read but love the Foo Fighters.

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