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Outlander’s return is only a few months away, with the latest release of the historic romance set to hit Netflix in the US later this year as well. After another breathtaking return to Fraser’s Ridge on Starz last year, the showrunner and executive producer of the series shed light on the impossible decision of Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) in season five.

Tragedy nearly struck Fraser’s Ridge in the fifth season of Outlander when Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) returns from a hunting trip with a nasty snake bite.

The former Highland warrior remains bedridden for several days as time-traveling healer Claire Fraser desperately tries to find the right treatment to cure her husband.

Fortunately, Jamie is eventually restored to full health, but the poisonous bite brings him to the brink of death throughout episode nine, “Monsters and Heroes.”

Showrunner Matthew B Roberts highlights Jamie’s call to Claire not to amputate her leg as the most iconic moment in this episode.

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Seizing the saw, he begs her: “Your word. I can have a fever and lose my mind. Not if you take my leg and can’t stop it.

Roberts argued that Claire’s love for her husband is so strong that she would go through the ordeal of removing her leg in order to keep Jamie alive.

He explained, “There was always this question, would she agree?”

However, the series cleverly skips the rest of their conversation, leaving it ambiguous whether or not Claire has agreed not to continue with her.

“But he’ll hate me for it, and will I lose his love for it?” If it’s not a drama, I don’t know what it is.

Claire and Jamie’s passionate romance is the main driver of Outlander’s popularity, and viewers were terrified when a small but deadly snakebite threatened to destroy it.

Once again, series manager Caitriona Balfe acted out the moment with enough subtlety that audiences could infer her response without actually seeing the rest of the scene.

Praising her performance, Roberts added, “Caitriona portrays this beautifully. You feel for Claire, you just feel” My God, what a decision. “

Executive producer Maril Davis also admitted that this episode featured one of the moments that made him cry during production.

She said: “This episode has given us such a great chance to have some really lovely moments with Jamie and Claire.

“I really had tears in my eyes when Claire thought Jamie died because of her.”

Of course, Jamie got over his injuries and went on to live for at least one more season, which fans can enjoy early next year.

Outlander Season 6 will air in early 2022 on Starz.

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