Paget Berry from Under Deck Sailing Yacht Opens Up With New Girlfriend – “We’re Both Madly In Love” (Exclusive)

Paget’s Bay Sailing yacht under the bridge said he found love with his new girlfriend and couldn’t be happier.

Berry met his new girlfriend over the summer while docked in Newport, Rhode Island, and his affection quickly grew. “We met in May while I was in Newport, Rhode Island at the time,” he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

“This is where the boat I work on is mainly based in the summer,” he adds. “And yes, we met there. And his kind of retort was, “Do you want a guide? Because I had never been to Newport before. I was like, ‘Well you know you’re pretty. You’re funny.’ Why not, you know? Yes, let’s see how it goes. Love blossomed quickly and it goes without saying that Berry is in love.

Who is Paget Berry’s new girlfriend?

Berry was not ready to reveal the identity of his new girlfriend to the masses, but offered a few details. First of all, she is not in yachting. “She is a ‘landi’, which I am very happy with,” he said. “She’s primarily an interior designer, but she also runs a boutique at the moment she’s been working for some time. So it’s like a bohemian boutique. And then she was doing a kind of freelance interior design. So she is quite creative, quite funny.

Paget’s Bay Sailing yacht under the bridge Season 1 Cast Photo | Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

She also didn’t know who he was until their first date. “The funny thing is that before our first date she didn’t know who I was,” he said. “Which for me is better. Because sometimes you don’t know if it’s genuine or something. But when she was going to meet me, I obviously think like girls do, she had friends and she was showing them pictures of who I was. And her friend said, ‘Do you know who it is?’ And she says to me ‘No.’ It’s Paget from Under the bridge. She’s like, ‘What?’ She says, ‘Yeah, he’s on a reality show.’ “

Needless to say, Berry’s girlfriend asked about the show towards the end of their date – then she came home and banged her entire season. He laughed, “She was like, ‘Yeah, I just wanted to make sure you weren’t a psychopath!’ But she said, ‘No, I haven’t seen anything terrible at all.’ ”

‘Below Deck’ Paget Berry sees a future with the new love of his life

He describes their relationship as easy. “It’s hard to explain, she does it effortlessly,” he remarked. “The long term goal in that regard, obviously, me being in yachting. [And now] yachting is not my long term [plan] kind of. I mean, it was. This is my 11th year and I will be getting started next year.

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“Now I have met someone who is not in yachts and who I really want to have a future with and who to build with,” continued Berry. “And yes, we’re sort of making tentative plans for the next two years. You know, it might sound weird to say that. But when you’re with someone, you kind of know.

“And yeah, it made me question all of my past relationships, really, because maybe what I thought was love or what I thought was supposed to be a successful relationship and all that kind of jazz.” , he added. “But yeah, it’s a very easy going relationship.”

Is he talking to Ciara Duggan about “Below Deck Sailing Yacht”?

Berry said he couldn’t be happier and that his family has seen a change. “I am happy,” he said. “I’m happier overall, really. And it doesn’t depend on one person, of course. But I just feel like I have a goal. I am happy in my job. I am happy with my partner. Some sort of aligned stars, so to speak.

He hopes to one day settle on the East Coast and see his special someone by his side. The couple have been dating for about six months, so an engagement isn’t exactly on the table – but that’s certainly not the issue, either. “We are taking it step by step, but we have an eye on the big picture,” he said. “We’re both very, crazy in love, so this is one of those things that could happen.”

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Is he still talking to ex-fiancée Ciara Duggan? He wishes her luck and hopes that she is happy, but they only communicate about common goods. “Ciara and I are discussing in terms of logistics, because we have a house in common. What we are going through, which we are going to resolve, ”he said. Berry and Duggan bought a house in France shortly before their separation.

“I hope she is happy and I hope she feels the same for me too because we’ve known each other for, you know, over ten years,” he said. “So for me there are no malicious feelings at all. I have completely evolved. I’m a different person and I’m with the right person, who we weren’t both with at the time.

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