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A young Burnie couple saw their homeownership dream shattered when the company that was building their home went bankrupt. Lee Barry said it started when he and his partner Jaymee Goss decided to buy a set of land and houses in Shorewell Park through a company called Easy Way Homes. “We signed a contract in 2018 to build a house at 20-22 Nairana Avenue, Shorewell Park.” The lot was subdivided, with two units built in the front and the torque place in the rear. “I paid a deposit at the end of February 2019 and they were to start building in October 2019. Then the company went into liquidation in early 2020.“ We had paid a deposit of $ 2,500, but nothing was happening and it was doing three months. after it was supposed to start so we asked for the deposit back and they said they had no money. Then we got an email (a few days ago) saying he now can’t afford $ 25 a week, but can only afford $ 5. To date, Easy Way Homes has reimbursed $ 325. because they weren’t sure they would get their deposit back and they knew other people who might be in a similar situation. that she had a home loan. Mr Barry said the financing for the package was arranged by Easy Way Homes, and their loan was approved. “We received an email from July 11 of last year and it said our loan was approved and we could sign the document. But we did not receive a loan.” When he contacted the company that had the $ 396,000 loan, they had no record of it, so he is now trying the credit company. “It’s going to affect our credit check when we’re trying to buy or build a house.” We don’t even know if we own land. This is the problem. In 2018, Silk Point Pty Ltd was granted a permit to subdivide the Shorewell Park block into 54 housing lots. At the time, project management said the intention was to build affordable homes. But the land entered the market in October 2019 as a mortgage sale, and was sold in June of this year. What do you think ? Write a letter to the editor using the form below.



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