Producer Made Me Do Full Lesbian Scene Threatening Legal Action If I Said No

Famous ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ actress Urfi Javed turns heads every day with her sartorial choices. However, not many people know that the actress, who has been in the business for some time, has had its ups and downs in her life. Javed recently spoke about one of the worst experiences of her acting career. She was scammed by a producer of a web series, who made her shoot an entire lesbian scene threatening to put her in jail just because Javed had signed a contract.

Talk to ETimes, Javed said, “I signed this web series. They told me everything would be suggestive. I reached the sets and nothing was suggestive. What’s suggestive, as they say in our film industry, is that when the boy and the girl get too close to each other for a kiss, the lights go out, and it’s suggestive. When I hit the set and saw, I love Oh My God.

“There was a scene where the actor playing my brother-in-law on the show was supposed to watch me, but the producer changed the look by touching. She made this guy touch my legs and she started asking him to lift my sari so that my underwear was visible etc. Then I realized she was playing with me. But then I had to keep going, ”Javed said.

It hasn’t stopped so far, she has even been forced to do an entire lesbian scene and threatened legal action if she doesn’t. Javed said: “They made me play a full lesbian scene. I was crying on the bed and begging them not to force me to do it because I couldn’t do it. I told them I couldn’t. not do that, and I’m sorry. But she kept threatening me constantly saying that you had signed a contract and that I will put you behind bars etc. I was so new that I had no hold. I didn’t know not what to do. I felt so helpless. Even the other girl, she too was new, and she too had no idea that this was going to be how far they were going to make us do it. The producer was yelling at the other girl. to put her hands in my pants. The producer was undressing me and I begged her not to do that. She literally came and ripped my clothes off and I was just in my bra, and the other girl also had to remove her bra.

So what happened next? “The next day, I stopped going to the sets. I said I couldn’t do this and turned off my phone.

Javed went on to explain that she was then sued by the producer for Rs 40 lakhs. She even said that she considered committing suicide at that point in her life because she had no idea what to do, and she didn’t even have the aforementioned amount of money. Javed managed to get out of all this mess, as she also filed a police complaint about what the producer made her do.

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