Quantum Leap actors you may not know have died

Lance LeGault, in a low voice, began his Hollywood career as a replacement for Elvis Presley, which led to small roles in his musical characteristics. Tall, slim and imposing in appearance, LeGault quickly turned to character roles that played his growling voice and crass appearance: tough guys in “Coma” and the TV movie “The Gambler”, rigid military guys in ” Stripes ”and on“ Magnum, PI ”and“ The A-Team, ”which placed him in a recurring role as Col. Roderick Decker, who pursued Hannibal and his men in the second, third and fourth seasons.

LeGault was also a natural for westerns and had stepped in the saddle as a ranch owner in the Season 1 episode “Leap” “How the Tess Was Won”, which found him at odds with his independent daughter. (Kari Lizer). He returned in Season 2, albeit in an offscreen tour and not credited as the narrator for “Another Mother”. In the years since his “Leap” work, LeGault divided his time between acting and voiceover work for numerous commercials, video games, animated series and trailers. His last screen appearance was as an alcoholic truck driver in the 2013 independent film “Prince Avalanche” starring Paul Rudd. LeGault died of heart failure at his Los Angeles home on September 10, 2012 before his release the following year.

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