“Rock of Love With Bret Michaels” star Lacey Sculls reveals plans for “love” reunion

You might recognize Lacey Sculls from the VH1 series Rock of Love with Bret Michaels Season 1. But now Sculls is adding the producer to his CV. The reality TV star spoke on the phone with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about his plans to bring the stars of the “Of Love” universe back into the lives of fans.

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“Rock of Love” Season 1 Star Hosts “Talk of Love” Podcast

Sculls caused a stir on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels like the villain of his season. Now she reunites with former castmates and stars from other VH1 shows like Flavor of love and I love New York to discuss their experiences on the Talk about love Podcast.

Sculls entertains nearly 14,000 subscribers with interviews from the huge pool of VH1 cast members. Together they talk about their experiences on reality TV and what they’ve been up to since. The podcast debuted in February 2020 and featured the former Sculls Rock of love co-starring, Heather Chadwell.

Sculls and Chadwell have since gone their separate ways, but Sculls maintains the podcast on her own. The reality TV star is also working on another project that VH1 fans will love – a streaming service featuring VH1 stars.

Lacey Sculls launches streaming platform

“I listened to what the Of love fans have been saying online for a long time now, ”Sculls told Showbiz. “They’re like, ‘I wish VH1 would bring these back Of love shows “or” I wish someone bring back the Of love shows.”

After learning more about Zeus, a streaming service offering shows like One Mo ‘Chance and ATL Villains, Sculls was inspired to create her own platform. Her debut project is a special reunion featuring fan favorites from previous VH1 reality shows.

VH1’s “Of Love” Cast Reunion Coming Soon

On August 31, Sculls officially announced its streaming service, Storm TV, on social media. Named after his Great Dane Storm, which passed away in 2020, Storm TV will launch on October 1.

“I have three producers by my side who have all worked on Rock of love, Flavor of love, School of charm, and more, ”Sculls wrote on Instagram. “With their help, their experience and their talent, the first show I will produce for the new streaming service is going to be so great and so much fun!”

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During our call, Sculls revealed that the first show to debut on Storm TV will be a Of love special meeting. Sculls brings together fan favorites from Rock of Love, Flavor Love, I love New York, and Love daisy for an epic debut on Storm TV.

Lacey Sculls’ future plans for Storm TV

The Of love the reunion isn’t the only thing Sculls has planned for Storm TV. “I already have two more shows planned immediately after this, which will go into pre-production in December!” Sculls reveals in his social media post. “I’m SO excited, and I know when you see what I’m doing, you’ll be excited too!”

Storm TV will be available in all countries. Subscriptions start at $ 4.99 per month with discounts for those who sign up first. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for more details on how to sign up for Storm TV.

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