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Fox’s new comedy Swivel is set to premiere on January 9, 2022 with Maggie Q (Designated survivor, Nikita) Ginnifer Goodwin (Once upon a time, Why do women kill) and Eliza Coupé (future man, Happy endings) in the lead role. The series will switch to its regular Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET / PT on January 13 and air after new episodes of Call me Kat season two.

In addition to Maggie Q as Sarah, Ginnifer Goodwin as Jodie and Eliza Coupe as Amy, the season one cast includes Tommy Dewey as Henry, JT Neal as Matt and Marcello Reyes as as Luke.

The one-camera comedy comes from writer, executive producer and showrunner Liz Astrof (the conners, 2 broken girls). Aaron Kaplan, Dana Honor and Tristram Shapeero are also involved as executive producers on the Warner Bros. production. Television and FOX Entertainment.

The series was inspired by the death of one of Astrof’s longtime friends at the age of 40. The friend died of lung cancer and at her funeral, Astrof suddenly realized that she did not have her whole life ahead of her. This epiphany led to the creation of Swivel.

“Fox was the perfect partner to create this provocative, edgy, messy, raw comedy that we didn’t see on network television and the cast was amazing; their chemistry and ease with each other, off the charts, ”Astrof said.

Fox has released the following detailed description of the first season:

Located in a small, middle-class town in Long Island, NY, Swivel follows three women – and close-knit childhood friends – as they face the death of the fourth member of their group. Faced with the reality that life is short, these women pivot and change their current paths, through a series of impulsive, misguided and complacent decisions. These pivots will strengthen their bond and prove that it is never too late to waste your life in search of happiness.

For Amy (Coupe), the intrepid producer of a local food show, managing large numbers of employees is an easy task. Yet when it comes to caring for her own children – a seven-year-old boy Luke (Reyes) and an 18-month-old girl – she is absolutely terrified. Despite her lack of maternal instinct, her husband, Henry (Dewey), an entrepreneur who never loses his temper, perfectly balances Amy in all of her flaws. Her pivot is to be a more active and present mother.

Jodie (Goodwin) is a stay-at-home mom of three in a loveless marriage. Her husband is a controlling moron who is obsessed with finance, but Jodie never even thought that the grass could be greener elsewhere. When she does, her pivot means getting in shape … and maybe more with her sexy 27-year-old trainer, Matt (Neal), giving her the attention and excitement she hadn’t realized was. she had wanted for years.

Sarah (Q) is a successful doctor – an MD and a Ph.D. as she will let anyone know. For Sarah, the loss of their friend is made worse by the recent divorce from his wife. After a stressful life, Sarah is sent into a spiral that launches her pivot to a simpler and therefore happier life – working as a grocery store clerk.

For these three women, the untimely and heartbreaking death of their friend serves as a wake-up call they didn’t know they needed. It forces them to look at their life and wonder if it’s as good as it gets? Is this where I thought I was at 40? Am i happy Is anyone happy? What is happy? And is it too late to do everything differently? Press the “reset” button?

Ginnifer Goodwin, Maggie Q and Eliza Coupé star in ‘Pivoting’ (Photo by Jeff Lipsky © 2022 FOX Media LLC)
Swivel distribution
Maggie Q, Ginnifer Goodwin and Eliza Coupe star in new FOX comedy ‘Pivoting’ (Photo by Joe Viles © 2021 Fox Media LLC)
Maggie Q Season 1 Pivot
Maggie Q as Sarah (Photo by Jeff Lipsky © 2022 FOX Media LLC)
Ginnifer Goodwin Season 1 Pivot
Ginnifer Goodwin as Jodie (Photo by Jeff Lipsky © 2022 FOX Media LLC)
Pivoting Season 1 Eliza Coupe
Eliza Coupe as Amy (Photo by Jeff Lipsky © 2022 FOX Media LLC)
Swivel distribution photo
Maggie Q, Eliza Coupe and Ginnifer Goodwin star in new Fox comedy ‘Pivoting’ (Photo by Jeff Lipsky © 2022 FOX Media LLC)

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