RTA agent charged with altercation filmed

Editor’s Note: The above video is from a previous report

CLEVELAND (WJW) – An officer with the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority faces charges over an altercation with a man who fell on the tracks in February.

A surveillance camera filmed the meeting between RTA policeman Patrick Rivera and a man on the platform of the Brook Park express station around noon on February 16, 2021.

The video appears to show Rivera pushing the man, who tumbles down the railroad tracks below.

In an April 5 disciplinary letter, the acting RTA police chief noted that Rivera “used improper technique” and “should have gone to runway level to provide assistance or detain the man. “. He was given a paid day off with a stern warning.

On November 13, the Cleveland District Attorney’s Office charged Rivera with assault, dereliction of duty and unlawful duress.

Due to the charges, RTA suspended Rivera without pay.

According to a transit police report, Rivera was responding to a man refusing to move his things to allow a guard to clean up. The officer said when he asked the man to pick up his things he became aggressive, cursing, calling him derogatory names and “threatening to shoot me and throw me on the tracks when the train has passed”.

According to Rivera’s account, the man became more aggressive as they walked over to the platform and threw themselves at him twice.

“I then pushed the man back … The man fell onto the platform … I rolled his body down to runway level,” the officer said.

The man was not injured and walked towards a door where he was arrested.

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