Saba Qamar talks about quitting acting after marriage

Pakistani model and actress Saba Qamar recently appeared on a show where she explained her reasons for leaving the industry.

During an interview with Gloss ETC By Maliha Rehmanthe Kamli star spilled the wick on her future plans. Ravie Saba revealed that she is happy to have someone in her life, adding that her partner lives in a foreign country. However, she refrained from naming the man but only he is a Muslim.

Delving into the details, the 38-year-old mentioned that she used to be afraid of relationships. She added that those feelings were the talk of the past.

Saba mentioned that the lovebirds will mate soon while she added that the date has not been finalized yet.

Hinting at farewell to her professional career, she revealed that it will be difficult for her to manage both her career and her married life. Being an honest and loyal person, I will sacrifice my career for my partner, she added.

Last year the Hindi medium The actor has called off his marriage to Azeem Khan, a blogger and entrepreneur based in Canada. The actor previously remained in an alleged relationship with actor Hamza Ali Abbasi.

The famous actor earlier mentioned having had an abusive relationship with a businessman who Saba says “mentally tortured” her for a period of time.

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