Sarah Michelle Gellar says Covid was no joke

buffy the vampire slayer Star Sarah Michelle Gellar hadn’t planned to post about the coronavirus (Covid-19), but after going through a tough time with the virus, she felt compelled to share her experience.

“It’s funny I debated posting because first of all I disappeared,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet of the post she shared on Instagram. “So people will think something is wrong with me.”

Gellar wrote on Instagram about getting Covid: “Luckily I’m vaccinated and boosted. But for people who say “it’s just a cold”…maybe for some it is. But for this (relatively) fit young person, who has struggled with asthma and lung issues all her life, that’s not my experience.

She added: “Even with the therapy and all my protocols, it was very difficult. I know I’m on the road to recovery, but it certainly hasn’t been an easy road.

Sarah Michelle Gellar said Covid was hard physically but also emotionally

Gellar said there was also an emotional side to having Covid. “But I think more than that, it’s for people to figure out,” she said. “I mean, I’ve been so careful for two and a half years as someone who’s fit and relatively young but has underlying conditions. And it was really difficult.

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“It’s been hard physically, obviously, but it’s also hard emotionally,” she explained. “And I have a new understanding. I was lucky in 2020 to isolate myself with my family and not really be alone. And now I kind of understand the emotional side of what you go through when you really isolate yourself and what that feels like.

She shared how she spends her time in isolation

Gellar added: “It stirs a lot of emotion. And, you know, when you take it really seriously and then all of a sudden it happens… That’s life. It will happen to people. But also to understand, to those people who say, oh, it’s just a cold. Like, I’m here to tell you that maybe if you’re lucky it is. But for many of us, it’s not that experience.

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Before being hit by Covid, Gellar partnered with the Wells Fargo Active Cash Visa® card to encourage people to activate their passions and earn credit for trying new things. So she laughed being isolated at home with her laptop and the credit card. “It was really interesting today to talk about Active Cash and joy,” she said. “Because it has a whole new meaning for me and the things I want to do when I’m out of my bedroom. Eventually, at some point.

She felt pretty lousy for a long time, but once Gellar started feeling better, she decided to make the most of her isolation and did some online shopping. “Like this morning, I was like, you know what? I’m going online shopping today because when I get out of here I’ll be fabulous. I’m going to buy myself some new clothes because that’s what makes me happy while I’m here right now. And that’ll keep me busy when they deliver a box of clothes to me so I can try on in my isolation.

Why does Sarah Michelle Gellar love the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card?

Gellar said Active Cash is his card of choice for many other purchases. “I joke that I won the contest because I kind of had this conversation about money management,” she said of her partnership with Active Cash.

“We all have to reevaluate. There are things we need, but there are also things we want,” she remarked. “And that’s OK because the things that we want that bring us joy, that make us happy, well, guess what? It makes us more productive. It’s a whole big cycle and it goes together. And what we need to do now, as we kind of go back into life, is to ask ourselves what are those things that bring us joy and how do we encourage ourselves not just to do them once, but to redo them? »

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“And so I liked what Wells Fargo and Active Cash were trying to do in that sense, let’s bring us some joy, whether it’s a hobby or something you haven’t done,” added Gellar. “For me, it was going to the hair salon the first time after being allowed to go out again and have my hair done. It felt so good.

“So how can we encourage ourselves to do those things that bring us joy? Gellar asked. “Because it radiates from us and it has that effect on the people around us. My husband always says that we can’t always influence the situations around us, but we can influence how we react to them.

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