‘Soap’ and ‘Charmed’ actress Rebecca Balding dies at 73

Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

tv star Rebecca Balding known for her roles in Soap and Charm during her three-decade acting career died, she was 73.

The actress’ husband has confirmed the news that she died Monday, July 18, in Park City after battling ovarian cancer. Balding married writer, producer and director James L. Conway. The couple have been married for 41 years.

Balding launched her acting career in 1976 with a string of television appearances beginning with The bionic woman. Her long run on television would continue until her acting career ended in 2006 with one of her best-known roles as Aunt Jackie in Charm.

The actress appeared in Charm several times between 1998 and 2006. She was also known for playing Carol David on the hit ABC sitcom Soap between 1978 and 1980. These are just a few of the dozens of shows the actress has performed in during her long career.

While television has made up the bulk of Balding’s career, the actress has also starred in horror films, including The silent cry and The Boogens. She would go on to feature in the backstage productions of The Silent Scream. That was not all, she also starred in the 1982 film Kiss my grain like Dorris Ann, and many others.

Balding was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and studied acting at the University of Kansas. She worked in local Chicago theater as a stage actress before moving to Hollywood to pursue her acting career.

Balding is survived by her husband, her daughters Sarah and Kathleen, and her grandchildren.

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