Sopranos Monopoly is here and it’s to die for

I never liked Monopoly until now.

The original monopoly has flaws in that it lasts far too long with people who pity each other and lend them money or give them a break to pay their rent when you land on their property. . The game is meant to be cut-throat. Bankrupt the other guy. Last man standing.

Even the special editions could not attract me. Star Wars Monopoly. The monopoly of the office. Futurama’s monopoly. Nothing could bring me back to the longest game in the world.

So far.

Hold on to your pinky, here is the Sopranos Monopoly!

This is exactly what you think. Instead of properties like Baltic Ave. or Ventnor or Park Place, you have things like Tony’s Caldwell home and the Vesuvio Restaurant. Instead of utilities, you have stuff like Comley Trucking and Barone Sanitation.

They still have a Go To Jail. But when should you pay the bank? When you land on things like “The Boss’s Cut”. Like!

I know I know you have to hear what the pieces of the game are. Gone are the little dog or the racing car. The game tokens are a garbage truck (from Barone, of course), Tony’s boat, Bobby Bacala’s toy train engine (poor Bobby in that train shop never saw it coming), Satriale and even Dr. Melfi’s chair.

Plus, you don’t have houses and hotels. No, no, no my friend. You have hiding places and contraband.

Oh! You will love this. Do you know those Chance cards and those Community Chest cards? They are replaced by “AYYYY!” cards and “OHHHH!” cards.

By the way, do you remember the famous Monopoly scene in The Sopranos where Tony and Carmella play the game with his sister and brother-in-law? This is the scene that ends where Tony and Bobby are arguing in a huge brawl because Tony said something sexually derogatory about Janice. Check out this clip where James Gandolfini recounts his memory of this scene.

This game better be under every red blooded New Jersey Christmas tree this year or we’re going to have a problem, you know what I’m saying? Fuggetabout.

The timing for this merchandise is perfect with the release of “The Many Saints of Newark” on October 1st. The Sopranos Monopoly Special Edition costs $ 39.99 and is recommended for players 17 and older. It is available here.

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. All opinions expressed are those of Jeff Deminski.

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