TC Line is calling for Sunday July 18, 2021

Cartoon stereotype

Nice job of stereotyping the unvaccinated as a bald fat white man with a Trump (shirt) in a political cartoon. Unfortunately, anyone who can divide and have Internet access (can) find out which demographic makes up the vast majority of unvaccinated people. Hint: it’s not what the media wants you to think.

Dangerous corners

I agree with the person talking about dangerous places here in Longmont, it’s in the Saturday morning newspaper. We have another issue with the same at Yeager and Queens Drive. They just don’t cut that flowery stuff that’s under the pine tree. I have to call every year.

We are not back

This is our new state program on our return, from the governor down. Nothing came back to Colorado, folks. We have never reached this vaccine immunity number. Authorities are starting to reinstate COVID-19 safety protocols as cases increase in all 50 states, and it will soon be in Colorado. That big tent over there in the east that two and a half million people go through every month, all the people that work there has to go back to the community, friends. Wear your mask and stay safe. Just because you have a chance, you can always pass it on to someone else.

Act correctly

It’s for all of you who don’t know how to act right. If you can’t be very nice verbally in your speech, just walk out of the room and take a long walk. And (you) might not even want to come back. The other thing is, when you are driving, if you can’t see their line in the middle of the road, if you can’t see these lines on the side of the road, park your car and start walking. Don’t crash into it while you wait. … When it comes to your speech, stop swearing and swearing and acting like a fool. No one wants to hear that stuff. I wasn’t brought up like that, and neither should you. If you had been my child, you wouldn’t talk or act like you do now. So train yourself, even if you are 90 years old.

Voters matter

I really think Democrats need to change the slogan from Black Lives Matter to Black Voters Matter, and Asian American Voters Matter, and LGBTQ Voters Matter, so people understand that voters are the only ones that matter. This is the important message.

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