The 10 most iconic movie actors of the 2010s

In the cinematic landscape, the 2010s were the age of the superhero. Movies based on comic books dominated conversation and theaters, breaking record after record and eventually becoming the most successful source of revenue for Hollywood studios. Franchises and blockbusters also contributed, but there’s no denying that the superhero has become king.

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In this constantly changing environment, the careers of several actors flourished, even reaching their peak. Some of these performers were already big stars who consolidated themselves over the decade, while others made a name for themselves out of thin air. However, all have become synonymous with 2010 cinema.


Adam Driver

It’s hard to think of an actor with a more meteoric rise than Adam Driver. Before beginning his acting career, Driver served in the military and rose to prominence with his role on HBO’s Girlslater appearing in supporting roles in films like lincoln and Frances Ha. Driver has received critical acclaim for his work in hungry hearts and Paterson before gaining international fame by playing Kylo Ren in the star wars sequel trilogy.

Driver received back-to-back Oscar nominations in 2018 for his supporting work in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman and 2019 for his star performance in Noah Baumbach’s Marriage story. He ended the decade as a bona fide leading man with a taste for risky and experimental ventures.

Samuel L. Jackson

Nick Fury behind his desk in Captain America Winter Soldier.

Already one of the most iconic actors in movie history, Samuel L. Jackson cemented his reputation as a “man” throughout the 2010s. Jackson spent most of the decade playing the big boss Nick Fury in several MCU projects, notably in 2012. The Avengers2014 Captain American: The Winter Soldierand 2019 Captain Marvel.

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Between MCU duties, Jackson starred in several acclaimed films. He teamed up with Quentin Tarantino for 2012’s Django Unchained and 2015 The Hateful Eight and played lead roles in tent poles Kingsman: The Secret Service and Kong: Skull Island. Jackson also returned to some of his most acclaimed characters, appearing in sequels. The Incredibles 2, Glassand Tree.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale in The Big Shorts

Christian Bale established himself as an icon of the big screen in the 2000s, mainly thanks to his vision of Bruce Wayne / Batman grounded in the intense of Christopher Nolan. Black Knight trilogy. He started the 2010s by winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for David O. Russell. The fighter.

He would receive three more nominations during the decade for another Project O, Russell, american hustleand two films by Adam McKay, The big court and Vice. Bale also reprized his Batman role one last time in 2012 The dark knight risesgiving his iconic role a fitting send off.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street

The 2010s were when Oscars bridesmaid Leonardo DiCaprio finally won the coveted statuette. The beloved and revered actor won top prize for his role in Alejandro González Iñárritu The ghostfinally receiving well-deserved recognition after years of consistent and stellar work.

DiCaprio also continued his string of high profile director collaborations over the decade. He worked with Christopher Nolan in the 2010s Creationteamed up with Martin Scorsese in 2013 the wolf of Wall Streetand starred in two Quentin Tarantino projects, 2012 Django Unchained and 2019 Once upon a time in Hollywood.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Although Jake Gyllenhaal enjoyed great success in the 2000s, including an Oscar nomination for 2005 Brokeback Mountainhis career reached a new level during the 2010s.

Gyllenhaal rose to fame for his bold acting choices in unconventional projects that cemented his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most versatile performers. Some of his best movies include Tony Gilroy Somnambulistfor which he should have received an Oscar nomination, Denis Villeneuve Prisoners and Enemyby Tom Ford nocturnal animalsand Bong Joon Ho Okja. Gyllenhaal ended the decade playing Mysterio in 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Received His Breakthrough Role In Christopher Nolan’s Ambitious Sci-Fi Adventure Creation. The film propelled him to stardom, which he capitalized on as the villainous Bane in Nolan’s third and final film. Black Knight movie.

2015 saw Hardy star in two of the most successful films of his career, both critically and commercially. He played the lead role in George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road and an antagonist role in that of Alejandro González Iñárritu The ghost, for which he received an Oscar nomination. Hardy then went on to play his second comic book character, Eddie Brock, AKA Venom, in the 2018 film of the same name.

Ryan Gosling

La La Land - Ryan Gosling

The 2000s saw Ryan Gosling make a name for himself as a leading man, thanks to films like Notebook and Half Nelson, for which he received an Oscar nomination. However, like Gyllenhaal and Hardy, the 2010s saw Gosling take on increasingly difficult projects, earning a reputation as a high-profile performer and taking risks.

Gosling started the decade with the heartbreaking and gritty romantic drama blue valentine. He went on to star in a mix of critically acclaimed films, like To drive and The place Beyond the Pinesand a commercially successful marching band, including Crazy, Stupid, Love and The big court. In 2016, he got a second Oscar nomination for his work in Damian Chazelle The Earth and starred in two major productions, Blade Runner 2049 and first man.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson in Jumanji

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Dwayne Johnson owned the 2010s. 2010s. The small mouse and 2012 Voyage 2: The Mysterious Island.

By mid-decade, Johnson was a true leading man and action star, playing blow after blow. He had roles in two major franchises, fast furious and Jumanjiand garnered huge box office success and critical acclaim with films like Moana and Central Intelligence.

Robert Downey Jr.

A portrait of Tony Stark from the MCU

Robert Downey Jr. began his career in the 80s as part of the so-called “Brat Pack” before achieving critical success in the 90s. He received an Oscar nomination for 1992 Chaplin and won acclaim for his role in Ally McBeal. However, his career seemed almost over when he was chosen in 2008. Iron Manthe first official MCU project.

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Iron Man made him a major star, and Downey became the central figure in the MCU, appearing in two Iron Man suites, four avengers films and playing a central role in Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. An undeniable figure of superheroes in cinema, Downey is the headliner of the genre and one of the most successful actors of the 2010s.

bradley cooper

Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born

After beginning his acting career with a guest role in sex and the city, Bradley Cooper spent the 2000s making a name for himself. His breakthrough came with 2009 The hangoverbut the 2010s elevated it to A-list, critical and commercial.

Cooper earned back-to-back Oscar nominations for two David O. Russell projects: The Romantic Comedy Silver Linings Playbook and the black comedy heist american hustle. He received a third mention for Clint Eastwood’s war film in 2014 American sniper and a fourth for his devastating turn in his directorial debut, 2018 A star is born. Throughout the decade, he provided the voice of Rocket Racoon in several MCU projects and received Oscar nominations for the production. Sniper and ASIB.

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