The actors who played Spider-Man

The truth, however, is that the character had so many dissonant elements thrown into the script that it was difficult to get a good read of who was really breathing behind the mask. Even that aforementioned sense of humor turned out to be more cruel and condescending than fun and light-hearted. Likewise, his motives for becoming Spider-Man are confused as he begins to wear the mask out of a desire for revenge, and then inexplicably becomes a superhero.

And yet, Garfield’s personal glee could overcome the multitude of issues with both scripts, and Garfield could exude a physical dizziness playing the character, as well as a genuine sense of romantic longing. Indeed, her palpable chemistry that Garfield shared with Emma Stone, who played Gwen Stacy, could make this the best romance ever told in a Spider-Man movie.

Tom holland

When James Gunn first saw the first images of Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War (2016), he said: “[Holland] is to Spidey what Downey is to Iron Man, Ledger was to Joker, Pratt is to Star-Lord. That’s a big praise, but in the sense of fully owning the role and defining it for the next generation, well Gunn doesn’t whistle “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

Holland, who made his acting debut in London’s West End and in the coveted title role of Billy Elliot the Musical, is an extremely gifted actor, dancer and even gymnast. Indeed, it was his own ability to perform Spider-Man-style stunts on audition tapes that helped him land the role. Before playing Spidey, he was still fresh out of the BRIT School for Performing Arts and had made his breakthrough onscreen winning critical praise for his turn. The impossible (2012).

Nonetheless, Holland was more unknown than Maguire and Garfield, even in the industry, when he was chosen as the youngest Spider-Man to date. While the previous Spidey actors were in their late twenties when they played Peter as he was about to graduate from high school, Holland was only 19 when the cameras turned on. Civil war. Over the course of six films, he has thus portrayed Pete as an honest teenager with Thor who is perpetually above his head.

Holland’s Parker also captures the carefree joy that escaped the two previous actors. In fact, there is very little tragic (yet) in his performance. Neither Uncle Ben nor Peter’s missing parents are mentioned, he rarely suffers the social consequences of his adventures, and the kid is even on the verge of becoming a billionaire with Tony Stark wishing Peter the most drone program. dear to the world. It’s certainly a different take on the character, but welcome given Holland’s irresistible rascality.

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