‘The Boys’ actor Antony Starr thinks America ‘needs therapy’

The boys has always satirized American politics, and the Prime Video series captures some of society’s biggest cultural divides in Season 3. Antony Starr is at the center of that commentary, with Homelander stirring up discontent among his supporters in The boys’ last outing. The actor recently shared his own take on the American political landscape. And even though he loves the United States, he thinks they have something to heal.

‘The Boys’ satirizes political divides through Homelander

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While many superhero series strive to stay out of politics – or at least keep their commentary subtle – The boys do not hesitate to criticize the news. Characters like Homelander make this easy to do. Antony Starr’s hero spends most of The boys wrapped in the American flag. But beneath its symbolic platitudes, something much darker stirs. Homelander is as corrupt as it gets, proving that public figures can’t always be trusted.

It’s a message sent repeatedly throughout The boys, but Homelander captures the divisions these numbers frequently create. While some of the character’s supporters are attached to his messages, other members of the public believe he creates more problems than he solves. And with the show’s jabs at “cancel culture” and false media narratives, it’s not hard to draw lines to the real world.

The Prime Video series seems to satirize the political atmosphere in America – an atmosphere that is mirrored in many other countries as well. And Starr himself admitted that the United States could use a little “therapy.”

Antony Starr thinks America ‘needs therapy’

Antony Starr as Homelander | Amazon Studios

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During an interview with The New York TimesAntony Starr talked about his character on The boys. And the conversation turned to the country the character tries to represent. Starr had positive things to say about the United States, but he admitted there was some healing to be done.

“I love America,” Starr told the outlet. “America has been very good to me, but the spinster definitely needs therapy right now.”

He didn’t go into specifics, so fans will have to fill in the blanks for themselves. Of course, they could turn to The boys for examples of corruption spilling over into the real world.

Of course, Starr doesn’t think viewers need to approach the show from this angle. He thinks it stands on its own as a drama – and honestly, we should agree.

Antony Starr thinks the Prime Video series ‘can go as far as you want’

The boys can certainly be considered political satire, but Antony Starr also thinks it can be enjoyed in a more superficial way. As the Homelander actor told The New York Times, “I think you can go as far as you want.”

“You can take it at face value,” Starr said. “Let it overwhelm you and go, aha – there’s blood and gore and fun stuff, and enough drama to make it interesting.”

The series definitely stands on its own, giving fans plenty to talk about beyond its political commentary. After all, the last outing already gave us a sex toy fight sequence and a hilarious version of a certain Avengers: Endgame the theory. (Yes, that’s the one about Ant-Man and Thanos.) There’s bound to be more ridiculous antics as the season goes on.

New episodes of The boys Season 3 releases every Friday on Prime Video.

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