‘The Goonies’ director paid Jeff Cohen, aka Chunk, to go to college

It’s been over 35 years since the iconic 1985 film The Goonies by Steven Spielberg was created. The critically acclaimed film, which featured a cast of talented young actors, instantly became a cult classic.

Sean Astin (Mikey) recently appeared in Netflix strange things, Josh Brolin (Brand) took on the role of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity Warand Corey Feldman (Mouth) went on to work in the entertainment industry, racking up a long list of film and television credits.

Jeff Cohen, who played the beloved character Chunk, stopped pursuing acting roles and instead pursued a college degree, with The Goonies director Richard Donner graciously paid for his place.

Jeff Cohen Couldn’t Get Acting Roles After Hit Puberty

The 1985 film focused on a group of young friends who embark on a nefarious adventure after discovering an old pirate’s treasure map. When they encounter the Fratelli crime family, who are also on the hunt for the treasure, a series of goofy and wacky escapades ensue.

Chunk is an overweight, fun-loving boy who helps others find the treasure, despite his clumsiness and clumsy behavior. Cohen was just 11 when he played the character in the film. Audiences immediately embraced him, still following him three decades later on social media.

While fans loved how the character befriended Fratelli’s abused son, Sloth, and took the butt of most jokes, it was his “Truffle Shuffle” that sealed his fate in the movie. pop culture history.

The Goonies cast, Joe Pantoliano, Jeff Cohen, Lupe Ontiveros, director Richard Donner, Ke Huy Quan, director Robert Davi and Corey Feldman | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Cohen explained in a 2015 Daily mail interview, “There were basically about four fat kids in town, so every time there was a fat kid role, you saw the same people at the audition. It was fat kid survival.

He explained that puberty ended his acting career, saying, “I was turning from Chunk to handsome and I couldn’t have any more roles.” He said: “It was terrible. My first love was acting but puberty had other ideas. It was a forced retirement. I haven’t given up playing. Playing left me.

‘Goonies’ director paid Chunk’s tuition

Cohen spoke with Variety last year after learning of Donner’s death at the age of 91. He spoke fondly of his relationship with the acclaimed director, saying, “I’m a terrible actor and he made me look good. The fact that I looked like I knew what I was doing and could do it proves he was a genius.

Cohen said that when acting was no longer an option for him, Donner hired him to work as a production assistant at Warner Bros. When he asked the director for a letter of recommendation for college, Donner and his wife, Lauren, took a step forward. further and offered to pay all of his tuition fees.

Cohen revealed, “I was absolutely flabbergasted. I was shocked. I had to sit down, because, for me, paying for college was going to be a problem. He explained, “It changed my life. Not only economically, but it showed that Dick and Lauren believed in me. He reflected, saying, “They thought I could do something myself.”

Cohen is now a partner at an entertainment law firm

In 1996, Cohen earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from UC Berkeley without any student loans. He then graduated from UCLA Law School and BuzzFeed reports that in 2002 he opened his own law firm.

Cohen is now the founding partner of Cohen & Gardner, LLP in Los Angeles. Keeping a direct tie to the industry that gave “Chunk” its start, he specializes in entertainment law. Cohen is also the author of The ten commandments of the negotiator, published by the American Bar Association.

According audiovisual clubentertainment advocate contributes his success to The Gooniesdirector, saying, “None of this would have happened for me without the help of Dick Donner when I couldn’t do anything for him. For me, this is something unique in our profession.

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