The people we lost from the Showbiz world last week

Sad week. Shocking. Yes, everyone dies. But it’s still dark news nonetheless, even when it comes to celebrating lives/legacies.

  • Wolfgang Peterson was one of the great action filmmakers. My favorite films from his catalog? AIR FORCE ONE is an unofficial image of Jack Ryan IMHO. Its good! LINE OF FIRE was Clint Eastwood rediscovering his own movie stardom, while activating a mid-’90s thriller subgenre set in Washington. DAS BOOT is the definitive underwater war movie, even improving Crimson Tide/Red October.

    • Anne Heche: this one hurts, because of personal memory. It would be an overstatement to call it a correspondence, I suppose. But I remember taking a troll on his page. They called her a faggot. Then they called me the same when I defended her. I decided to fight back, quite personally and with complete visceral verbal venom vitriol. Anne/her people calmed me down and in a few words defused things. She always gave a heart, a like, a thank you. Shame on Facebook for not handling my complaint adequately, IMHO. So here is. Anne was a muse. Right up there with gwynnnieee (they often went for similar roles), Nicole et al.

      And although from a distant fan, one senses that they have lost some sort of friend. Six days, seven nights is a favorite movie. And look for arbiter Heche in Bofinger.

  • Darius Danech: It was easy to scoff at his relentless ambition. But he evolved, adapted and played until the end. And he reportedly beat Danny de Hearsay in a fight. 😉 So sorry to hear the sad news.

Thoughts with their friends/families/fans. TO TEAR APART. The legacies continue.

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