The showbiz industry has suffered huge financial losses as a result of the case against me: Meera

LAHORE: Lollywood actress Meera has claimed that the showbiz industry has suffered a massive financial loss worth billions of dollars due to the [dual nikah] case against her, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

Actress Meera, known for her many scandals and her performances, made the statement during the hearing of the double nikah case in a local court in Lahore today.

A local court conducted the hearing in the double nikah case against Lollywood actress Meera today. Meera appeared with her lawyer at the hearing.

During the hearing, Meera burst into tears in front of the judge after approaching the podium.

The actress told the judge she has been seeking justice for 10 years. She said she was properly heard by the US court, but justice was not served in the country’s court.

After the actress started shouting in the courtroom, Judge Rai Ahmed Khan asked Meera to lower her voice, if not to return to her seat.

Later, the Sessions Court adjourned the hearing until October 5 and ordered the lawyers to present arguments on the changed evidence in the case.

While speaking to the media, Meera said that she played the nikah and the filming of the movie was called her nikah. She claimed that the showbiz industry suffered a massive financial loss worth $ 1 billion as a result of the case against her.

It is important to mention here that her alleged husband Atiq-ur-Rehman accused Meera of entering into a Nikah with another person named Naveed when she was already married to him. What he said was a crime, according to the law.

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