The ‘Snake in the Grass’ cast think they nailed the snake – or did they? [Exclusive Clip]

The ‘Snake in the Grass’ cast think they nailed the snake – or did they? [Exclusive Clip]

The snake in the grass the actors seem pretty confident they’ve locked down the snake – but did they?

“I’m livid”, Ryan Anthony of snake in the grass ep 2 said in a confessional. “A snake would be one who lays blame and sows doubt and isn’t defensive about losing. Andrew… is that how you want to play? But is it competitor Andrew Muse? And what about Alissa? Musto and Stephanie Ortiz?

Why is ‘Snake in the Grass’ player Alissa suspicious of Ryan?

In an exclusive clip shared with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, suspicion grows as contestants point fingers at each other. Ryan thinks Andrew is the snake. “I see you…snake!” Ryan said. “Nope!”

Bobby Bones | Chase Bjornson/US Network via Getty Images

But then Alissa Musto flips the script. “I want to bet a lot of money that Ryan is the snake,” she says in a confessional. Adding: “I am suspicious of Ryan. It gets very defensive and that’s how the snake is going to react when we start realizing who the snake is.

The four contestants now stand in a circle and eye each other suspiciously.

Andrew tries to convince the crew that he is not the “snake in the grass”

Host Bobby Bones breaks some of the tension. “You guys get along so well, you’re going to love what’s happening in a second,” he says as the actors smile because they seem are not gets along so well.

“You’re going to camp,” Bobby tells the cast. “At camp, there will be a clue. You will find it, you will open it and you will talk about it. Bobby quickly leaves the stage, leaving the snake in the grass cast to figure out what’s next as tensions boil over.

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But Stephanie wants to know, “Aren’t you sad that we didn’t understand?”

Andrew responds: “No! I feel like we learned a lot. But Alissa says the most telling part of it all is what just happened, hinting that she’s onto the snake.

Who are the 2 suspects in this episode?

But Andrew insists he didn’t deliberately issue the latest challenge. “I worked my ass off,” he says. “You saw me running, sweating, trying to communicate the best I could.”

And although Alissa thinks Ryan may be the snake, she still doesn’t count Andrew. “Andrew is always on my radar as someone who can potentially be the snake,” she says in a confessional. “But nothing, especially in this challenge, said hey Andrew is someone to watch.”

The snake in the grass throw heads at camp and a new challenge as they get closer and closer to find out who the snake is.

Will they correctly discover the identity of the snake? So far, teams have incorrectly identified who the snake is – allowing the snake to go home with the $100,000 prize. So will this team break the streak?

Find out who is the snake in the grass Monday nights at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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