These are the real scammers

For Lopez’s character, Ramona Vega, the leader of the “Hustlers” was inspired by the original mastermind of the operation, Samantha Barbash (aka Samantha Foxx). Sentenced to five years probation after pleading guilty to various crimes including conspiracy, assault and robbery, she thought her story was certainly worth telling, but never decided this movie was whoever would.

Originally, Foxx was approached by the studio to purchase the rights to its story, but refused. Talk to Vanity Show Shortly after the release of “Hustlers” Foxx revealed “They were trying to pay me a tiny amount. I’m a businesswoman. J. Lo doesn’t work for free. Why would I? In the end of account, I have bags that are worth more than what they wanted to pay me. ” After seeing the finished product, Foxx said, “I wasn’t really impressed. I was impressed with Jennifer. She was amazing. Her body looked amazing. She had it up to a T, but it was not factual. “

Foxx said crucial details of the film were factually incorrect, going so far as to sue STX Films in 2019. Speaking to New York Post at the time, she said, “we are ending it because she is [Lopez] in fact distort me. I have never been a stripper. This is character defamation. ”Foxx said she was not a stripper as shown in the film but a hostess (via Yahoo) for the Scores club, where the scams took place.

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